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The researchers found out that the appropriate seating arrangement for small class size are double horseshoe, pair pods, and group pods.

Based on the findings of the study, it is concluded that teachers prefer more on the traditional seating arrangement than the horseshoe, pair pods and group pods. Based on the findings and conclusion: the researchers recommended to have a limit number of students in each classroom to have a wholesome experience and conducive environment for learning. Read Free For 30 Days.

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Briones Disny D. Seating arrangements for teachers is an alternative way of minimizing the noise in the classroom to achieve a peaceful and quiet environment. Many teachers are stressed out during their discussions and whenever they will assign their students an activity, the classroom seems to be noisy and unorganized. One of the reasons for this is that, the teacher may not be able to control the number of students in the classroom thus, creating the result of the classroom being noisy. Seating Arrangements can help the Teachers in their discussions as it minimizes the noise in the classroom and for them to monitor the students as to where they are seated.

Seating Arrangements are also beneficial to the students as it allows the students to; interact with other classmates, and to develop new friends by finding someone with their same interests and hobbies. It is also beneficial to the Teachers as it; organizes the entire classroom in a specific activity, and for the activity to be a success and helping the students learn something new.

Objective of the Study This study aims to: 1. Teaching Theory This study is anchored in Instructional Communication theory suggests that seating arrangements have an impact on how the instructor communicates with the students and how they interact with one another, impacting engagement, motivation, and focus McCorskey and McVetta, More recent research also suggests that students tend to prefer more flexible seating arrangements Harvey and Kenyon, In particular, students have been shown to be more partial towards classrooms with mobile vs.

In general, spaces designed in a student- centered manner, focusing on learner construction of knowledge, can support student learning Rands and Gansemer-Topf, In reality, however, many classrooms at colleges and universities have been built using more conventional models for lecture and seminar-type courses.

As such, the study of instructional communication centers on the study of the communicative factors in the teaching-learning process that occur across grade levels e. Instructional communication is a discipline that centers on the role that communication plays in the teaching-learning process independent of the type of student learner, the subject matter, or the instructional setting.

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Since its formal recognition as an area of academic study in by the International Communication Association, instructional communication researchers examine how several factors—such as instructor teaching strategies and preferences, student learning styles and orientations, instructor classroom management practices, instructor and student characteristics, and the development of communication relationships— not only influence how and why students interact with their instructors and their peers, but also the ways in which students respond favorably to the learning environment.

This would serve as guide for them to enhance their existing seating arrangement in every grade level. This serves as basis for them to adopt the varied seating arrangements that would improve the performance of students in the classroom.

An Introduction to Gait Analysis, 4th Ed

This would serve as guide for them to actively participate with the classroom activities directed by the teachers. Future Researchers.

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The data of this research served as reference among future researchers who wished to undergo similar undertakings. Students face the instructor with their backs to one another. The highest communication interactions between professors and students typically occurs with students in the first row or along the middle of the classroom. Students in back rows are more likely to be less engaged. Double Horseshoe - This seating arrangement involves an inner and outer horseshoe, and similar to the conventional horseshoe, invites greater discussion than the traditional format.

It is more limited by the backs of students within the inner circle facing students in the outer circle.

However, students may also more easily interact with those nearest to them or turn around and face students behind them for group work. Pods Groups, Pairs - The pod or pair arrangement can be designed with rectangular, circular or trapezoidal tables, or individual desks. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions.

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Email Address. Sign In. Access provided by: anon Sign Out. Gait Analysis Using Shadow Motion Abstract: Gait is considered as one of the biometric traits that does not require physical interaction with machines and can be performed at a distance from the computing device.

Gait Cycle & Gait Analysis.

However, majority of the gait recognition systems require the subjects to be monitored in constrained environment within the viewing field of the capturing device. Such systems may fail to recognize a few of the features when the interaction environment is changed or when the body occlusion occurs due to position variations, clothing or belongings. Moreover, the walking style of a user may vary when engaged in different activities such as listening to music, playing games, fast walking, etc.

In this paper, we propose a new approach of human gait recognition using Shadow motion sensor, a full body sensor unit.