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Introduction to Contemporary European Politics 2.

Comparative and International Education

The Historical Development of European Politics 3. The Transformation of European Politics 4. Government in Multilevel Europe 5. The Diversity of Parliamentarianism in Multilevel Europe 6.

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Judicial Power in Multilevel Europe 7. Interest Groups and Systems of Interest Intermediation 9. Regional and Local Government in Multilevel Europe It is not only an essential source, but also a rich and erudite journey through a range of possibilities for comparison.

Concepts and Issues in Comparative Politics An Introduction to Comparative Analysis 2nd Edition

Whether post-colonialism or test results, development or human rights, pedagogy or global citizenship, the book raises critical questions of why and how to research across cultures and contexts. This new edition continues to provide such critical insights while addressing new challenges posed by global communications and policy transfer.

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This book provides a solid grounding for new scholars of comparative and international education, as well as for anyone involved in educational research in international contexts. The authors present concise chapters that cover a complex landscape, while also raising important questions that invite discussion and debate.

The inclusion of a chapter on policy transfer and borrowing in this second edition rounds out the volume, making it an even stronger foundational text for the field.

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The comprehensive chapters on history, method, and competing perspectives in the field are enhanced by their discussion of enduring themes, such as policy transfer, pedagogy, and post-conflict education. Throughout, the authors emphasize the importance of context in single and multiple country studies and the explanatory potential of comparison in theoretical and applied research.

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Bale, T. In life as in death? Margaret Thatcher mis remembered.

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