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You can also just view a simple Casefiles checklist. Top of page Back to home. Dead on Target Summary to appear here.

Evil, Inc. The Lazarus Plot The Crowning Terror See No Evil Hostages of Hate Brother against Brother Perfect Getaway Too Many Traitors Line of Fire A Killing in the Market Nightmare in Angel City Witness to Murder Double Exposure Scene of the Crime Trouble in the Pipeline Countdown to Terror The Deadliest Dare Blood Money Final Cut Running on Empty On a mission to rescue their good friend Holly from the cult of the lunatic Rajah, Frank and Joe unwittingly become the main event in one of the madman's deadly rituals -- human sacrifice.

The Hardy Family

Fleeing from the gun-wielding "religious" zealots and riding a danger-infected train through the wilderness, Frank and Joe arrive home to find the worst has happened. The Rajah and his followers have invaded Bayport. As their hometown is about to go up in flames, the boys look to Holly for help.

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But Holly has plans of her own, and one deadly secret. Presumably due to poor sales, the Casefiles was discontinued in early , after Dead in the Water was published, but at least five more titles were in the planning stages. The title of is not known, but was to be entitled Explosive Force , and the manuscript was already written. What would have been , The Crisscross Crime , was released in June , as Digest , after undergoing some rewriting to remove any Casefiles references and events. There has been some debate over the possibility of the digests Trial And Terror and Training for Trouble being possible casefiles turned into digests.

modernpsychtraining.com/cache/cheating/maxob-tracker-for.php Three were published; it is not known if others were planned. After the death of his girlfriend, Iola Morton, Joe Hardy and his older brother Frank are more determined then ever to bring justice to America and the world.

Their fight against crime becomes a personal mission of revenge, and they often clash with The Assassins, the terrorist organization behind Iola's death. The Hardys don't have any trouble finding The Assassins either, in fact it seems The Assassins seek them out, more often then not.

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