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This book makes it easy to create toys that will win a permanent place in any child's heart. After years of working with young children, veteran woodcrafter and educator James. Stasio has distilled his expert knowledge into a handy, inexpensive guide to making 12 wooden toys of enduring appeal: helicopter, oil truck, biplane, destroyer, freight train, cargo ship, rocking horse and squirrel, circus animals and acrobats, doll cradle, work truck, truck bank, and fighter plane.

Spotlight wooden shapes

You don't have to be a master craftsman or purchase expensive materials. If you can use a saw and a screwdriver, you can make any of these charming toys. For each project, a list of materials indicates how much wood and the kind of hardware you'll need. Exact-size templates for every part make cutting out the wood simplicity itself.

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Then, round the exposed edges -- those that won't abut other parts -- of the side and back rails. Keep the router table set up for this job so you can round the edges of the other parts as they're made. Because of the shape of the seat, most of the slats require bevels on one or both edges. Use a table saw or hand plane to cut the bevels. Start seat assembly by screwing the lower back rail to the seat sides with one screw at each end of the rail.

Then, add slat No. Measure opposite diagonals of the subassembly and adjust it until it's square. When you're satisfied, add a second screw to each end of the two slats to lock the pieces in position.

Use a 1-in. Then install the remaining slats. Because the seat is curved and many of the slat edges are angled, don't try to measure these spaces. Instead, simply arrange the slats by eye so that they appear uniform. Cut the front legs to size and round the long edges on the router table.

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Mark a line on the inside face of each leg that indicates the bottom edge of the side rail. Then, attach the legs to the seat assembly with screws driven from the inside of the side rails [4]. The back slats are tapered to create a fan shape when installed.

Step 1: Materials, Tools and the Template.

We did this on a band saw, but a jigsaw will work, too. Smooth the sawn surfaces, cut the curved top ends and round the edges.

How to Build an Adirondack Chair and Table

Cut the rear legs to size, angling the top ends at 64 degrees. Clamp each rear leg to a side rail, bore and countersink screw pilot holes, and secure the legs with screws [5]. Next, screw the top back rail to the top ends of the back legs [6] , and lay the chair on its back to install the back slats.

Place a 4-in. Mark the centers of the top and bottom back rails, align the center back slat with these marks and screw it in place [7]. Then install the outer two slats [8].

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Secure the remaining slats so the top curved ends are aligned and the spaces are uniform. Cut out the arms and arm supports, and round the edges.

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Temporarily clamp the supports in place and secure them with screws [9]. Then, attach the arms to the front and rear legs with screws [10]. The table is built the same way as the chair -- all exposed edges are rounded on the router table and the parts are simply screwed together. Lay out the feet on 1-in. Attach each foot with three screws [11] , then bore pilot holes and screw the two stretchers to the legs [12]. Then, attach the cleats [13] -- use the base subassembly to make sure they're spaced properly. Finally, screw the base to the top cleats [14].

enter Lightly sand the chair and table with grit paper.