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Jon has so far been effective in wit and words, not bullets; when called to act, his trigger finger literally freezes - a flaw in his job description that makes him in the readers' eyes a likable character worth salvaging; yet that same flaw, in its duplicitous nature, might turn out to be the thing that would ultimately destroy him.

The Fisherman always finds what he's looking for. For most Nesbo fans who relished the high-powered adrenalin pump and 'torture porn' Nesbo's words of his Harry Hole series, this new Nordic Noir would seem considerably Nesbo- lite. But don't take that as a letdown. He trades the complex criminal plot design, violence and gory pulp for a more human-interest construct: a contemplation of irreversible mistakes, an introspection of human frailties, the healing of wretched spirits and the redemptive value of love. Though I have a thing for the old Harry Hole's brooding, self-immolating character, I like this new style of Jo Nesbo, easing up on the violence and darkness, but still keeping apace with psychological thrills, a little humor and a human edge.

Read in a few uninterrupted hours, this tale from the land of the Midnight Sun may be short but in its partially light and dark tones, it is nonetheless a Goodread. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It's short, well written and told at a good pace. I found it difficult to put down once I started. I liked the main character, Jon, and really wanted the best for him. I also liked the other characters he meets, particularly Knut.

I found the interaction between Knut and Jon humorous and lovely.

Midnight Sun (Unedited)

This story isn't quite as in depth as the Harry Hole series, and I liked this. Sometimes I found the Harry Hole series had too many characters and story lines. This one w I thoroughly enjoyed this story. This one was just perfect for me, as the story alternates between the present moment and Jon's past.

I also loved the vivid descriptions of Finnmark, and learning about the Sami people and Laestadianism. I would say this is probably my favourite Jo Nesbo story! I absolutely love the setting in Finnmark so far north that the sun never sets in summer and the Sami characters that he meets in Kasuna.

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Mattis is an interesting character and in a slightly dodgy way, he is honourable. There are some humorous moments, some elements that are quite magical, some fantastic dream sequences, some lovely descriptions, some aspects that are sad and cruel and some ingenuity in order to escape the fixers sent by The Fisherman to extract revenge for failing to carry out an order.

Jon is another fixer with a heart as his motives for getting involved in the jobs that he does for The Fisherman are motivated by love and he escapes the avenging hitmen because of love. Overall, an interesting novella that I enjoyed. Jun 24, Rachel Hall rated it really liked it. In that novella, anti-hero Olav stole the hour as a contract killer with a heart, caught up in the crossfire of his bosses battle for control of the drugs trade with arch enemy, The Fisherman.

Having crossed The Fisherman somewhat unintentionally due to his inability to pull the trigger and having made off with shared financial spoils, Jon is on the run with nowhere to go.

Under the Midnight Sun: A Novel | Mystery, Thriller and Suspense | Fully Booked Online

Originally thought of as the home of the Sami people Laplanders , what Jon in fact discovers on arrival is a town that is home to native Laplanders but dominated by a draconian religious order in the Laestradian religious sect. Sparsely populated, the first person he meets is Mattis, a nosy native with an idiosyncratic sense of humour. With pistol and loot stowed, he is woken the next morning by a ten-year-old boy, Knut, whose grieving mother, Lea, is the church cleaner and his grandfather the pastor behind the religious sect, Jakob Sara.

As he steadily finds himself being driven to insanity with the isolation and withdrawal from society, his sleep-deprivation finds him craving company and venturing into the village to a pagan wedding. Despite this being a novella approximately two-hundred-pages , I did not feel that it suffered from a lack of depth as the story and central characters proved fascinating. Superbly plotted with an audacious barrage of twists, Midnight Sun is sketched in markedly broad strokes and much of the enjoyment is left to the readers imagination in painting the finer details.

The unforgiving landscape, the customs of the Laplanders and the prevailing religious fervour combine to make a mesmerising tale. View all 7 comments.

Midnight Sun: A novel

Shelves: scandinavian-lit , , jo-nesbo. Well another tale about somebody from the criminal underworld of Oslo. He is on the run from the Fisherman, a character we first met in Nesbo's "Blood in Snow". Jon has traveled to the utmost north of Norway were in the Summer is no night at all, hence the title Midnight Sun. He decides to take cover in a little village in the middle of nowhere where he meets Knut and his mother.

They know something is wrong about him but leave him to himself while giving him the hospitality he never expected. Du Well another tale about somebody from the criminal underworld of Oslo.


During his stay in this area we learn more about the circumstances of his betrayal and character. Which shows a quite unexpected development you would not expect. You learn something about a special kind of Christianity and the flaws of people in their kindness and cruelty. When at the end the tale comes to and explosive ending you find that Nesbo did an excellent job of telling a calm tale with a sting at the end of the story.

While Nesbo is a great, smart and entertaining writer and does deliver with this story you feel cheated due to the lack of depth you are used to with the Harry Hole stories or even with his "The son". That said a nice and easy to read tale during this winter when it is too cold to go outside. I guess the only part that I didn't find that engaging was that whole religion thingy going on it this one.

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But in a way, it fit the theme with the plot of forgiveness and redemption. But still Just a tiny bit too much for me Also, Nesbo seems to be quite a romantic. Once again, the main character was quick to fall in love even in a foolish, but kind of cute way, and at some point even turned into a teenage boy in that aspect of feelings, thoughts, acti I guess the only part that I didn't find that engaging was that whole religion thingy going on it this one. Once again, the main character was quick to fall in love even in a foolish, but kind of cute way, and at some point even turned into a teenage boy in that aspect of feelings, thoughts, actions.

But the whole short novel was engaging, had that taste of Nesbo writing like his previous works, I have read - even though not that many, but I think I can make some sort of comparison , the characters were also really likable at least the main ones were , and the ending But I did like it too. Quite different from the first on of Blood on Snow series.

serttenletoli.ga View all 3 comments. May 28, Brandon rated it liked it Shelves: , fiction , nordic-noir , ebook. Already suffering from a drug-deprived insomnia, Jon underestimated just how difficult it would be to live where the sun never sets. Although the original was planned as a stand-alone, Nesbo clearly loved playing around in a world uninhabited by his signature character Harry Hole and decided to continue following the exploits of The Fisherman, a Scandinavian crime-lord and his disobedient staff.

Midnight Sun, while not exactly a fresh and exciting presentation, is still a solid read. View 2 comments. Jon is on the run from the Fisherman, and heads to Finnmark, a remote area in Northeast Norway, near Russia and Finland, where life is very hard. Jon has a pile of ill-begotten cash, and stumbles into a devout religious community, where he finds a broken family, who find him worthy of redemption.

Now called Ulf, he deals with his fears of being discovered and his shortcomings as both a father and lover. Nesbo does a nice job capturing a religious sect and the indigenous Sami tribe. Aug 12, Sandra rated it really liked it Shelves: nordic , Second book in the Blood on Snow series, this can be read without the first one. Oct 28, Paul rated it really liked it.

Like previous books this is set in the late 70s in a world that is fighting hard to fight back progress, with the added problem that the sun does not set in summer. So it can be permanently light and play with your mind during the summer months and this book uses it to great effect. Jon is on the run trying to hide from his former crime boss in Oslo, better known as The Fishman, a man who is not to be crossed and always finds those who have crossed him. Instead of trying to hide in Oslo Jon gets on a bus and heads north and flees to an isolated part of Norway, where in summer the sun never sets, but night time can be an eerie dusk.

It also does not help that Jon does not have any faith in anyone or anything which is not a help when he finds sanctuary in the church of a Christian sect. Her son Knut guides him to the cabin and is constantly talking and asking questions, a welcome distraction. The longer he stays in this quiet corner of Norway the more his sanity is tested by the ever present light, the loneliness. He soon realises that the person that really stands between him and certain death is Lea and Knut.

He realises that he is in love with Lea and there is not much he can do about that, especially as her husband is recently dead. Midnight Sun for me delivers on every level in that it is still the dark Scandi Noir that we have come to expect from Jo Nesbo, but at the same time there is a Biblical theme of redemption and that we all have an opportunity to do the right thing.

The only thing that stops us is ourselves and what we actually want. A great read great characters and some wonderful twists in the final chapters of the book. Nov 09, Denise rated it really liked it Shelves: reads , challenge I enjoyed this much more than Blood on Snow, the first novel in the series. I need a little something in my crime stories besides constant violence. I enjoyed the northern fishing village as a setting and felt like I learned a little about the landscape of Norway and the Laestadian people.

If you haven't read Blood on Snow, you won't be lost reading this one. There isn't a continuing storyline, it's more like another story in one particular crime family. I'm very curious about book 3 now I'd I enjoyed this much more than Blood on Snow, the first novel in the series. I'd like some of the characters from this book to make an appearance. View 1 comment. In book one we saw that the drug baron 'The Fisherman' always put business ahead of sentimentality.

Cross him and even if you run you cannot hid; his justice reaches everywhere and you be be assured one day he will settle the account. So when we meet Jon getting of a bus in Finnmark and find out he is on the run from Oslo and The Fisherman is after him you know the story can not end well.

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A stranger arriving in a small community is always a great sense of tension; running from a past. In this case we remain on the edge as we know his past is certain to catch up with him one way or another. The Twilight Saga 5: Midnight Sun. First Sight 2. Open Book 3. Phenomenon 4. Visions 5. Invitations 6. Blood Type 7. Melody 8. Ghost 9. Port Angeles Theory Interrogations Complications Knowledge Chapter 15 Desire One night, Katie takes her guitar to the train station—a passionate musician, she longs for a larger audience than just her father.

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