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It is a natural process when it comes to interacting with other individuals. A study performed by a team of S wiss neurobiologists, published in April , stated that psilocybin is of great help in reducing the pain resulting from social rejection. Obsessive-compulsive disorder also known as OCD is a psychiatric disorder which is occurring especially in patients suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and other psychiatric ailments.

A study performed by the University of Arizona in discovered that psilocybin mushrooms are very effective in alleviating the symptoms of this disorder. In a study , researchers discovered that advanced-stage patients suffering from cancer would have their anxiety soothed and drastically lowered after being administered psilocybin mushrooms. Studies have shown that psilocybin mushrooms are effective at treating depression very effectively, as well as treating post-traumatic stress disorder. There was a famous study done at Johns Hopkins University which left researchers stunned.

Out of 36 test subjects, a third said that their experience was the most significant spiritual experience of their lives, while over two thirds stated that it was definitely in their top five most significant life experiences. Here is what Dr. Mycotopia — Online forum of shamanic stories, psilocybin cultivation, and headlines about legalization.

The Shroomery — A curated collection of information for people to decide if psilocybin is right for them. Includes a forum discussing the cultivation of psilocybin-containing truffles and sharing personal experiences. How to use psychedelics — A resource guide for a happy, healthy experience. Live support for trips, before, during and after.

Great resource of information and personal guidance. Fungi Perfecti — Founded by mycologist Paul Stamets, offering gourmet and medicinal mushroom information and supplies. Stamets hosts seminars and events to improve mycelium restoration which is one of the most effective ways to restore the ecosystem. Fungi Academy — Resources for mycelium cultivation. Council on Spiritual Practices — Collaboration of spiritual, psychological, and medical practitioners creating guides for safe psilocybin practices.

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Heffter research institute — Advancing studies on cancer distress healing with psilocybin. Johns Hopkins University. The Psychedelic Society. Tao Te Ching free — A classic 6th-century chinese book of spiritual and philosophical poetry, which has been translated over times in western languages. K Mandrake — Largest and most comprehensive manual written on magic mushrooms. Any book by Paul Stamets — Stamets has dedicated his life to studying how mushrooms can save the world. The Psychedelic Gospels: The Secret History of Hallucinogens in Christianity — Reveals evidence of visionary plants in Christianity and the life of Jesus, found in medieval art and biblical scripture.

By David Jay Brown, Edited by Roger Walsh and Charles S. Grob, James Fadiman. Park Street Press. By Simon G.

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Powell, Snatam Kaur. Imee Ooi. Lama Dorje. This premise implied, of course, that one had to smoke the hallucinogenic mixture quite often. Your mindset throughout the process of preparation and ingestion should be of utmost respectfulness to the power of the mushrooms. By cultivating respect toward the shrooms, you at least acknowledge your imperfection and become less identified with it, and invite the experience to be therapeutic, to dissolve your ego.

With entheogens, such as magic mushrooms, you will be going through a mini death experience. Death of the ego. Unlike the ego death which is the consequence of spiritual enlightenment through meditation, the process here will occur at once and with no preparation. The more you cling to your ego and identify with it, the more difficult the experience will be. Also, be careful that any goals you have for the session are not ego goals.

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Wanting to have power over others or anything else that sets you aside from other people are not legitimate wishes from the spirit of the shrooms. Healing yourself and others or gaining knowledge for the benefit of others are. Moreover, suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders, may also make the experience more difficult.

For me, when I first took shrooms as a 19 years old mildly depressed young man, I experienced God-consciousness and infinity being aware of being aware of being aware of being aware ad infinitum for short periods of time which when I emerged from caused great panic. For the first time in my life, I realized that I do not exist as I thought I do. I am the whole. This was not a comforting thought at all; it was scary. I thought I was losing my mind rather than reaching drug-induced cosmic consciousness.

The life that I thought I was living was infinitely insignificant and meaningless compared to the true reality which was revealed to me. I had no one to help me integrate the experience, which I thought will leave me forever depressed, knowing how futile my life is. Only after several years, I came to see how incredibly positive and transformative this difficult experience truly was. I was also not physically well, and suffered from a cold at the time. This again is not a contraindication for using mush. Perhaps if it was a recreational drug, such as marijuana, then I would say it is though it can help with some symptoms of disease such as nausea and pain.

But magical mushrooms, and other entheogens, have the power to heal both mental and physical disorders. Nevertheless, if you are experiencing a passing illness which requires no cure besides the passage of time, such as a cold or even a flu, it might be wise to let it the disease run its course before embarking on this divine trip.

But for chronic disease or illnesses which normally require medication, magic mushrooms may provide the cure you need or at least insight into what that cure might be. To summarize this section on proper mindset, avoid using mush while not in a positive mindset which has persisted for at least a few weeks. Following are some factors to take into consideration regarding the setting of the trip, which consists of the physical and social environment. Most important is to take mushrooms in a familiar and pleasant environment in which you feel safe. This is true from my own experience.

This knowledge can be used as a double-edged sword. In Shamanic ayahuasca rituals, various musical instruments are often available for use by the participants. When the room is silent, the trip can reach its full power. If it becomes too powerful, one can play sounds or sing, which produces grounding and reduces the intensity of the trip. In Santo Daime ayahuasca rituals, most ceremonies involve the singing of hymns and dancing. This allows the participants to remain grounded throughout the experience. Depending on the goal of your session, you can decide whether you want a silent environment or to include sounds and music.

One thing though to keep in mind is that outside noises may be disruptive unless they are sounds of nature. Sounds such as those of traffic, honking, or non-participating people shouting or speaking are best avoided during the trip. Preparing a set of headphones can be helpful where you are unable to prevent disrupting external noises. The incense which was used traditionally was likely a resin from the Copal Tree Protium copal or from Coyol Palm, scientifically known as Acrocomia aculeata formerly Acrocomia mexicana.

In our culture which is not always sympathetic to the use of mind-altering substances, it may be difficult to find a supporting friend or family member willing to serve as a trip sitter. In such cases, it may be tempting to eat mushrooms alone.

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I do not recommend it, especially for people who are inexperienced, suffer from mental issues, or if more than a minimal dose is taken. Your trip sitter should be a trusted person, ideally an experienced psychonaut, who is willing to remain sober and be with you for at least 8 hours. I may be available to serve as a trip sitter.

Learn more. Thou who art blessed. I am now going to swallow you so that you heal me of the illness I have. Please give me the knowledge I need, thou, who knows all of what I need and of what I have, of my problem. I ask of you the favor that you only tell me and divine what I need to know but do nothing bad to me. I do not wish an evil heart and wickedness.

I only wish to know of my problems and illness and other things that you can do for me. But I ask you, please do not frighten me, do not show me evil things but only tell all. This is for the person with a pure heart.