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This was the Kael that her army of readers at The New Yorker had come to worship - bold, clear-eyed, pithy, a brilliant critical thinker unafraid of a flash of showmanship. Do you remember your first fuck? I'm flooded with thoughts and impressions: 1. Help Me Build a Dirty Mansion.

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At the end of this excellent, detailed, and evocative biography of Pauline Kael, author Brian Kellow comes to three conclusions:. She was not writing snappy, easily quoted opinions that would fit neatly into twelve column inches.

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She brought us into the experience of sitting next to her in a darkened movie theater. Thus perhaps it can be concluded that thanks to Pauline Kael, all of us have lives that can—to one degree or another—be spent in the dark.

Still Left in the Dark

He is the author of the novel Death in Venice, California. Enter your keywords. Pauline Kael: A Life in the Dark. Author s :. Brian Kellow.

Release Date:. October 27, Now 10 years after her death at 82, Opera News columnist Brian Kellow, who began reading Kael as a kid, has written the biography she so discouraged while alive. Fun, fair and fluidly written, it's an edifying read. The author interviewed nearly friends, former editors, family members, rivals and actors and directors she'd panned and praised.

Kael's daughter Gina James, who was her mother's secretary, driver, editor, first reader and sounding board, also chose not to be involved.

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The Perils of Reading About Pauline Kael

Kellow says he understands that she might not have wanted to relive a lot he would ask her about. Here is poet James Broughton, father of the child she reared alone, husband Edward Landberg, whose Berkeley Cinema Guild she programmed and put on the map, and her mortifying experience as producer-consultant at Paramount in Some fought back. Warren Beatty referred to his former champion and her young, mostly male, followers as "Ma Barker and her gang. But Kael also had a sweet, generous side and ardent defenders.

She could drink with bad-boy director Sam Peckinpah and crack wise.