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The contributors draw upon their diverse backgrounds in philosophy, cognitive science, behavioral economics, sociology of science and anthropology. Based largely on contributions to the first Aarhus-Paris conference held at the University of Aarhus in June , the book addresses such questions as: If the reference of concepts like money is fixed by collective acceptance, does it depend on mechanisms that are distinct from those which contribute to understanding the reference of concepts of other kinds of entity?

What psychological and neural mechanisms, if any, are involved in the constitution, persistence and recognition of social facts? The editors' introduction considers strands of research that have gained increasing importance in explaining the cognitive foundations of acts of sociality, for example, the theory that humans are predisposed and motivated to engage in joint action with con-specifics thanks to mechanisms that enable them to share others' mental states.

The book also presents a commentary written by John Searle for this volume and an interview in which the editors invite Searle to respond to the various questions raised in the introduction and by the other contributors. Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 15 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed.

Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Perspectives on Social Ontology.

Ray S. Movement and Experimentation in Young Children's Learning. Liselott Mariett Olsson. Jan Derry. A Companion to Cognitive Anthropology. David B. The Science of Stories.

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Social Ontology

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Enactivist Interventions. Shaun Gallagher. A Critique of Politeness Theory. Gino Eelen. The Anatomy of Psychotherapy. Lawrence Friedman. Generalizing from Educational Research. Kadriye Ercikan. The Biology of Clinical Encounters. John E. Childhood Bilingualism. Peter Homel.

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A Meeting of Minds. Lewis Aron. The Interpreted World. Ernesto Spinelli. The Cambridge Companion to Piaget. Philosophy of Social Science.

2. The Problem of Demarcating Social Ontology

Mark Risjord. Historical Social Psychology Psychology Revivals. Kenneth Gergen. Lost in Dialogue.

Social Ontology (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Giovanni Stanghellini. Self and Identity. Yoshihisa Kashima. Neuroscience, Neurophilosophy and Pragmatism. Telling Lives. Marianne Horsdal. Seeing Sociologically. Harold Garfinkel. How to Analyze People on Sight. Johnson , for example. In light of these interests, I find the front page of the New York Times on March 28, to be a truly fascinating amalgam of the social ontology of government, with a heavy dose of dysfunction.

itlauto.com/wp-includes/jailbreak/552-logiciel-espion-portable.php Every story on the front page highlights one feature or another of the workings and failures of government. The item numbers flow roughly from upper right to lower left. I tem 1 is the latest installment of the Boeing MAX story. This was the topic of a recent post link.

Cognitive Dissonance Theory: A Crash Course

Items 2 and 3 feature the processes and consequences of failed government — the social crisis in Venezuela created in part by the breakdown of legitimate government, and the fundamental and continuing inability of the British government and its prime minister to arrive at a rational and acceptable policy on an issue of the greatest importance for the country. Given that decision-making and effective administration of law are fundamental functions of government, these two examples are key contributions to the ontology of government.

The Brexit story also highlights the dysfunctions that flow from the shameful self-dealing of politicians and leaders who privilege their own political interests over the public good. This item falls on the favorable side of the ledger, illustrating the important role that a strong independent press has in helping to inform the public about the past performance and behavior of candidates for high office.