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N2 - Exercise redox biochemistry is of considerable interest owing to its translational value in health and disease.

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However, unaddressed conceptual, methodological and technical issues complicate attempts to unravel how exercise alters redox homeostasis in health and disease. Conceptual issues relate to misunderstandings that arise when the chemical heterogeneity of redox biology is disregarded which often complicate attempts to use redox-active compounds and assess redox signalling. Further, that oxidised macromolecule adduct levels reflect formation and repair is seldom considered.

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After considering each of the aforementioned issues, we outline how each issue can be resolved and provide a unifying set of recommendations. AB - Exercise redox biochemistry is of considerable interest owing to its translational value in health and disease. Exercise redox biochemistry conceptual, methodological and technical recommendations. James N. Cobley, Graeme L. Close, Damian M.

Bailey, Gareth W. Abstract Exercise redox biochemistry is of considerable interest owing to its translational value in health and disease. Fingerprint Biochemistry. Article Views Altmetric -. Citations Cited By.

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FbpA — A bacterial transferrin with more to offer. Ashley N. Steere, Shaina L. Byrne, N. Dennis Chasteen, Anne B.

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