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The money end, from my side of it, seems less than nothing, but I realize that from your end with so many things going, different mags, chapbooks, it can get very very big, mountain-like. She sounded pretty hurt and in about 10 minutes the phone started ringing, Winski I suppose and I just laid there slugging down the beer.

He told me to bring over some of my poems, wanted me to read something. She wrote me a wonderful 3 page letter bout Pound and things, almost a poem, the whole thing. No women around. Spicer stupid to ask if you have read Lorca.


Everybody has read Lorca. Everybody has read anything, everything. Why ask. I hate these meetings. Have u read. Stan phoned yesterday. Martinelli, Pound, Jeffers, T. Williams and the racing form. Hearse Chapbook no. Again the long silence from Eureka, although I see in Trace 38 you are coming on with more Mason Jordan Mason as fast as Crews can write it, also a couple of more editors.

What you do is yours. I hate to bitch, but is anything happening with the Flower and the Fist etc. I have told a couple of more magazines, and few people and I am beginning to feel foolish because as you know, this is the second time around with the same act. Let me hear something or other. Stamped self-addressed enclosed.

Marvin Bell and a couple of others seem to think my Death of a Roach in Epos , Winter , is a pretty good poem? Too late to work it in? More loot? The thing has become more than a few pages of my poems. It has been going on so long that it has become like a disease, an obsession, purgatory, Alcatraz…. Please, E. Let Mason screw his lambs for a while. I am beginning to talk to myself in the mirror. How they want their fame! Frankly, E. I know. I can go to hell.

I dropped a hundred and fifty on the ponies Saturday. Riding back on the train drunk, all the women looking at somebody else. Bukowski old and grey and shrunk. The broadside referred to in the next letter was the first separate Bukowski publication, a poem called His Wife the Painter, published by E. Griffith and included as an insert in the magazine Coffin, no.

Yes, this little mag game discouraging and that is why I try to keep quiet and not scratch at editors, just write the poem. Thank you for broadsides: they are beautiful type jobs. Tonight I am mailing out the ones you send. Do you have a few more sets?

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A little outa the way, but I rec. I roasted Duffy and he ducked out and joined the French Foreign Legion. I think right now we have both suffered too much with it…. The next letter records the first contact with Outsider magazine and its editors and publishers, Jon and Louise Webb, a connection which was to prove so beneficial to Bukowski.

Bukowski had eleven poems in Outsider No. The last thing I wanna see is more gash and more people. No, regarding Griff, broadsides not of book, but insert style thing to be slipped into pages of Coffin and Hearse loosely, later to be assembled into collection of some sort. I am broadside 1, Hearse. Tibbs freelance pen ink sketcher who fulfills frus[trations] by playing little mag pages with scratchy pen.

Rather ordinary talent, I think, but not too much compo[sition]. Think I could do better but I am supposed to be a poet. One reject they sent me, trying to place me in Evergreen Review class, had hangover and straightened them. Hence this bit of corres. Ann Reynolds sounds like somebody to fill Duffy-gap.

Thanks for word on Outsider Finally got card from them through Coastlines. Asking me for contributions. Ah, well. Place after place…faces sitting there empty as jugs. Do you mind if I sign myself Charles? When they talk to me in a room I am Hank. This, my solidification. A chunk of 40 stone. Review, White Dove , and Oak Leaves. I used vile lang. Kid, I am definitely cracking.

These last 3 or 4 months have ended me. What the hell else? Let these 19 year old editors gobble the gugga of rooster. Just be dirty old man waiting to die. A roof, no rent. Pick up enough washing dishes 3 times a week or pimping. And poetry too. No wonder Van Gogh blasted his head off. Crows and sunlight. Idle zero. Zero eating your guts like an animal inside, letting you shit and fuck and blink your eyes, but nothing, a nothing.

So let Pound have it. And Keats. His mind is as empty as a department store flowerbowl. Got you plug in Quagga vol. I, no.

It is being published by Hearse Chapbooks in California. Pretty lively poem in Quagga about a riot that occurred while I was in Moyamensing Prison. Might instigate the sale of a couple of chapbooks. I feel that you have been somehow reluctant to put out the Wail, perhaps feeling it would not move, since I am an isolationist socially speaking and have only enemies, but life is sometimes odd Griff, and it might be that this thing will put some dough in your pockets.

I feel I am a more lively writer than Crews, Creeley, Mason, etc. Got your note on chapbook progress the other day. It appears to me that you are doing too much at once, getting out too many chapbooks at once, and although mine was started long ago others seem to be coming out ahead of me. From my experiences as an editor I found they wail and bitch pretty much, and can be quite damned nasty. This thing is even beginning to get me. Now the pages have come out wrong sequenced…what kind of a printer is that?

It seem to me that all mistakes could have been rectified by now! My famed patience, has at last, after a 2 years wait, had it. And in case you have forgotten, I finally sent you some money—between 30 and 40 bucks—to help you get this thing rolling. You have put me out on the limb by again asking me to make announcements to the magazines that Hearse is to issue Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail. This is getting to be the joke of the literary world, but I am no longer laughing. I am going to wait a short period longer and if no results are achieved I am going to write Trace , the San Francisco newspapers and the editors of other literary magazines of the whole history of this notorious and impossible chapbook nightmare.

I can not see it that sloppy and amateur editorialism, a downright horror of coldness and cruelty and ineptness go unchallenged. If you feel that I am being unfair, hasty or unreasonable, I would be most glad to get any statements from you. However, further silence or delay, would be construed to mean that you intend to continue your slipshod policies and the writer be damned.

We of the literary world, we like to feel that we are not here to wrangle or to claw, but to create. Protest is more a political and worldly thing, but even as a poet, I feel I have a right and a duty, in this case, to make public protest. I went down to the post office this morning with card left in my box yesterday—and yowl!

I opened the package right in the street, sunlight coming down, and there it was: Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail , never a baby born in more pain, but finally brought through by the good Doctor Griffith—a beautiful baby, beautiful! The first collected poems of a man of 40, who began writing late. Griff, this was an event! Right in the middle of the street between the post office and a new car agency. But then the qualms came on and the fear and the shame. I remembered my last letter to you when I had finally cracked, scratching and blaming and cursing, and the sickness came.

It must be wonderful to be so beautifully simple and uninvolved. Sex is the final trap, the closing of the steel-kissed door. Lawrence was closer in seeking muliebrity from flesh to soul, and to perstringe [ sic ] the awkward-working and the ugly. Women here have put the price too high and the boys go behind the barn with the cow.

Which makes it tough on boys, cows, and women. I have just read the immortal poems of the ages and come away dull.

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Poetry must be forgotten; we must get down to raw paint, splatter. I think a man should be forced to write in a roomful of skulls, bits of raw meat hanging, nibbled by fat slothy rats, the sockets musicless staring into the wet ether-sogged, love-sogged, hate-sogged brain, and forevermore the rockets and flares and chains of history winging like bats, bat-flap and smoke and skulls ringing in the beer. Ben Tibbs, a printer, a poet and artist who published alongside Bukowski in many little magazines, lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

He did the cover art for Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail. Sorry I can only ship one copy but I am down to the end of mine. Other people have written me that Griffith does not respond either to money or written request. I have attempted to send copies to all those who asked for them but Griffith only sent me a limited number. Thank you for doing the Art work on Flower, Fist. I think you caught the spirit of the poems and the title quite well. I had meant to ask you not to send dollar; certainly this is one hell of a price to pay to see the fine cover you did for Griffith.

But instead of sending the dollar back, I am going to suffer you with a copy of Longshot Poems for Broke Players. Am sending the buck on to Larsen for this purpose, but am having the beers anyhow. Many thanks for your graciousness and understanding. Cherry published the poem in his magazine , Black Cat Review, no. Thank you for the poem. Are you going to devote a career writing about me? Better chose yr subjects more carefully. Your poetic style is good.

I mean that it is loose enough to allow truth to enter or anything you want to say enter.

Some good men have learned this. Stein had more style than genius. Her style was her genius. Faulk was next. He put very little fire into a forge of style that fooled almost everybody. Hem had style and genius that went with it, for a little while, then he tottered, rotted, but was man enough, finally, and had style enough, finally. Lawrence was a cock-freak who never had nerve enough to face the world as a man and so faced the world behind a nerve-soothing soul-soothing whirl of sex proteins, but who ever and nevertheless wrote some penetrating lines.

Sherwood A.


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This is important. It is a painting. Writing is painting and the sooner people realize this the less dull crap will dull the market and I will have to get drunk that much less. Picasso does with paint what I would like to do with words, only some day may try to do with paint, only not, fuck of course like P. Van Gogh, of course, was never insane. He simply realized the world was elsewhere. And his style, the purest of styles. A good style comes primarily from a lack of pretentiousness, and what is pretentious changes from year to year from day to day from minute to minute.

We must be ever more careful.

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A man does not get old because he nears death; a man gets old because he can no longer see the false from the good. Ann Bauman was and is a poet living in Sacramento, publishing in some of the same little magazines Bukowski appeared in. He died in San Pedro, California, on March 9, , at the age of seventy-three, shortly after completing his last novel, Pulp Last edited by Clean Up Bot.

May 19, History. By Charles Bukowski. Go to the editions section to read or download ebooks. Screams from the Balcony Charles Bukowski. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Screams from the Balcony from your list? About the Book. People Charles Bukowski. Times 20th century. Screams from the Balcony , HarperCollins. Download for print-disabled. Screams from the balcony: selected letters, , Black Sparrow Press.