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Army destroy outdated material when superseded Department of the Navy document number director, Office of New Production Reactor DOE-HQ bis 2-ethylhexyl phthalate detailed operating procedure dioctyl phosphate dioctyl phthalate matches Demonstration Waste Calcining Facility defense waste document downwind exposure drawing document type detailed written instruction s deep water isotopic current analyzer Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Wiederaufarbeitung von Kernbrennstoffen mbH Defense Waste Management DOE program Detailed Work Plan Defense Waste Processing Facility SRS glassification facility Development Work Statement demineralized water storage tank Office of Defense Waste and Transportation Management defense waste and transportation management, landlord defense waste and transportation management, programmatic drop zone east electrician Engineering and Construction Management DOE-ID division engineering and construction manager education and development Ecology and Environment, Inc.

Army Electronic Associates, Inc. Acronym Definition eds. Fluor Engineers and Constructors, Inc. Vrain nuclear plant Fort St. Vrain Reactor fuel storage well failed to fixed time matches Acronym Definition IDT inactive duty training periods of training performed while not on active duty, such as weekend drill. Acronym Definition LL. Mid-American Interpool Network Major Automated Information Systems Review Council maximum allowable LIPT inlet temperature Management and Administration Manual message addressing module manpower and personnel integration mixed activation product maximum average planar linear heat-generation rate major assembly release management analysis and reporting material at risk monitoring activities review Models and Results Database U.

Musicians United for Safe Energy antinuclear group medical unit self-contained transportable unit U. National Electric Reliability Council matches Public Information Center photoionization detector piping and instrumentation drawing planning information document positive identification device proportional integral derivative Prime Item Development Specification postirradiation examination Postirradiation Experiment postulated initiating events matches Phenomena Identification and Ranking Table Process Inherent, Ultimate Safety Swedish reactor peak inverse voltage post indicator valve proper job analysis proper job instruction Project Management Plan primary knock-on atom matches It was hypothesized that farms with higher de novo milk FA concentrations would more commonly use management and nutrition practices known to optimize ruminal conditions that enhance de novo synthesis of milk FA.

Management practices were assessed during one visit to each farm in March or April, Total mixed ration samples were collected and analyzed for chemical composition using near infrared spectroscopy. We found no differences in days in milk at the farm level. No differences between HDN and LDN farms were detected for dietary dry matter, crude protein, neutral detergent fiber, starch, or percentage of forage in the diet. This research indicates that overcrowded freestalls, reduced feeding frequency, and greater dietary ether extract content are associated with lower de novo FA synthesis and reduced milk fat and true protein yields on commercial dairy farms.

Revision 1. This document Volume 7 presents the standards and requirements for the following sections: Occupational Safety and Health, and Environmental Protection. The definition of an Occupational Health and Safety Program as specified by this document is intended to address Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Recommendations and , which call for the strengthening of DOE complex activities through the identification and application of relevant standards which supplement or exceed requirements mandated by DOE Orders.

It was to provide One System management with an objective evaluation of identified differences in safety basis process requirements, guidance, direction, procedures, and products including safety controls, key safety basis inputs and assumptions, and consequence calculation methodologies between WTP and TOC. The resolution of these recommendations resulted in 16 implementation plans. The completion of these implementation plans will help ensure consistent safety bases for WTP and TOC along with consistent safety basis processes.

This early integration will result in long-term cost savings and significant operational improvements. In addition, the implementation plans lead to the development of eight new safety analysis methodologies that can be used at other U. This report contains the radioanalytical results of the 2H evaporator overhead sample received at SRNL on January 19, Characterization results for the October Tank for farm 3H evaporator overhead examples.

This report contains the radioanalytical results of the 3H evaporator overhead sample received at SRNL on October 13, This report contains the radioanalytical results of the 2H evaporator overhead sample received at SRNL on March 16, Farm business and operator variables associated with bulk tank somatic cell count from dairy herds in the southeastern United States. Mastitis is a worldwide problem in dairy cows and results in reduced milk production, the culling of cows, and other economic losses. Several preventative measures that can be implemented to help improve the incidence of mastitis exist, but surveys find these practices not fully adopted by producers.

The goal of this research was to analyze the farm and operator characteristics associated with BTSCC in dairy herds by analyzing a survey of dairy producers in the southeastern United States. We examined this region because it has experienced a decline in the number of dairy farms , dairy cows, and milk production over the past 2 decades. Producers were asked questions about the BTSCC at which they take action to address BTSCC, the information sources they use to learn about and manage BTSCC, farm structure and management characteristics, and attitudinal variables associated with profitability, managerial control, and planning horizon.

Least squares regression was used to determine how these factors were associated with BTSCC levels across the 7-state region. These results suggest that proactive producers i. Revision 1 of this document corrects the cumulative beta count initially reported for 90Sr content with the sole 90Sr count obtained after recharacterization of the sample.

The Department of Energy DOE is constructing the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant WTP at the Hanford site in Washington to treat and immobilize approximately million gallons of high level radioactive waste after all retrievals are accomplished. In order for the WTP to be designed and operated successfully, close coordination between the WTP engineering, procurement, and construction contractor, Bechtel National, Inc. To manage what is becoming a much more complicated interface as the WTP design progresses and new technical issues have been identified, an organizational change was made by WTP and TOC in November of This organizational change created a co-located integrated project team IPT to deal with mutual and interface issues.

This team has worked on a variety of technical issues of mutual interest and concern. Three sections of primary transfer pipeline removed from the SY Tank Farm in Hanford's West area, labeled as SN, SN, and SN, were analyzed for the presence and amount of corrosion and erosion on the inside surface of the transfer pipe. All three sections of pipe, ranging in length between 6 and 8 in. The annular spaces were filled with urethane foam injected into the pipes for as low as reasonably achievable ALARA purposes.

The 3-in. Following removal of the foam, the coupons were subjected to a series of analytical methods utilizing both optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy to obtain erosion and corrosion information. The ultrasonic transducer analysis of the SN primary pipe did not show any thinned locations in the pipe wall which were outside the expected range for the 3-in. This residue layer was composed of an amorphous phase rich in chromium, magnesium, calcium, and chlorine. Similarly, the SN primary pipe did not show, by the ultrasonic transducer measurements, any thinned locations in the pipe wall which were outside the expected range for this pipe.

Analysis of the coupon cut from the pipe section showed the presence of a tank waste layer containing sodium aluminate and phases rich in iron. The essential difference between Revision 1 and the original issue of this report is in the spring constants used to model the anchor bolt response for the anchor bolts that tie the steel dome of the primary tank to the concrete tank dome.

Consequently, focus was placed on the changes in the anchor bolt responses, and a full reevaluation of all tank components was judged to be unnecessary. To confirm this judgement, primary tank stresses from the revised analysis of the BES-BEC case are compared to the original analysis and it was verified that the changes are small, as expected. When processing High Level Waste HLW glass, the Defense Waste Processing Facility DWPF cannot wait until the melt or waste glass has been made to assess its acceptability, since by then no further changes to the glass composition and acceptability are possible.

Therefore, the acceptability decision is made on the upstream feed stream, rather than on the downstream melt or glass product. This strategy is known as 'feed forward statistical process control. The SME is the last vessel in which any chemical adjustments or frit additions can be made.

Therefore, about 2. This 2. Measurement of fugitive volatile organic compound emissions from a petrochemical tank farm using open-path Fourier transform infrared spectrometry. Fugitive emission of air pollutants is conventionally estimated based on standard emission factors. This paper describes the evaluation results of implementing VRPM in a complex industrial setting a petrochemical tank farm. The vertical plane was constructed from five retroreflectors and an open-path Fourier transform infrared spectrometer. The VRPM configuration was approximately Emission estimates of the target VOCs benzene, m-xylene, o-xylene, p-xylene, and toluene ranged from 0.

It was also demonstrated that a simplified 3-beam geometry i. Prevalence, characterization, and antimicrobial resistance of Yersinia species and Yersinia enterocolitica isolated from raw milk in farm bulk tanks. The aims of this study were to investigate the prevalence and to characterize and determine the antibiotic resistance of Yersinia spp. From September to August , raw milk samples were obtained from farm bulk milk tanks in Varamin, Iran. Yersinia spp. The most common species isolated was Yersinia enterocolitica Of the 19 Y.

All the isolates of biotypes 1B and 4harbored both the ystA and ail genes. However, all the isolates of biotype 1A were only positive for the ystB gene. The tested Yersinia spp. All of the tested isolates demonstrated significant sensitivity to gentamicin and chloramphenicol. Recovery of potentially pathogenic Y. A case study for field crops in the California's Central Valley. Traditional methods for estimating consumptive water use as evapotranspiration ET for agriculture in areas with water limitations such as California have always been a challenge for farmers, water managers, researchers and government agencies.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Direct measurement of evapotranspiration ET and crop water stress in agriculture can be a cumbersome and costly task. Furthermore, spatial variability of applied water and irrigation and stress level in crops, due to inherent heterogeneity in soil conditions, topography, management practices, and lack of uniformity in water applications may affect estimates water use efficiency and water balances. This situation difficult long-term management of agroecosystems. This paper presents a case study for various areas in California's Central Valley using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs for a late portion of the irrigation season These estimates are compared those obtained by direct measurement from previously deployed stations , and energy balance approaches with remotely sensed data in a selection of field crop parcels.

This research improves information on water use and site conditions in agriculture by enhancing remote sensing-based estimations through the use of higher resolution multi-spectral and thermal imagery captured by UAV. We assess whether more frequent information at higher spatial resolution from UAVs can improve estimations of overall ET through energy balance and imagery. Stress levels and ET are characterized spatially to examine irrigation practices and their performance to improve water use in the agroecosystem.

Ground based data such as air and crop temperature and stem water potential is collected to validate UAV aerial measurements.

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Preliminary results show the potential of UAV technology to improve timing, resolution and accuracy in the ET estimation and assessment of crop stress at a farm scales. Side to side comparison with ground level stations employing surface renewal, eddy covariance and.

The overall scope of the project is to complete an up-to-date comprehensive analysis of record of the DST System at Hanford. This report documents the results of preliminary surface geophysical exploration activities performed between October and December at the B, BX, and BY tank farms B Complex.

The objective of the preliminary investigation was to collect background characterization information with magnetic gradiometry and electromagnetic induction to understand the spatial distribution of metallic objects that could potentially interfere with the results from high resolution resistivity survey. Assessments of the efficacy of a long-term application of a phytoremediation system using hybrid poplar trees at former oil tank farm sites.

A poplar tree-phytoremediation system was installed at former refinery and tank farm sites in Cabin Creek, West Virginia, to cleanup petroleum-contaminated-soils and groundwater. Groundwater and soils in both sites were sampled and analyzed on a regular basis to monitor changes in contaminant concentration since In addition, concentrations of oxygen, methane, and carbon dioxide in soil gas demonstrated that tree roots dewatered soils and allowed penetration of oxygen deep into the soil profile, creating necessary conditions for rhizosphere bioremediation. Although required clean-up time can limit phytoremediation, it has proven to be a cost-effective strategy for site improvement if imminent pathways for human exposure and risk are not an issue.

The purpose of this document is to evaluate the effect of frost heave on waste transfer lines with shallow depths in DST farms. Because of the insulation, well compacted sandy material around waste transfer lines, the type of sandy and gravel soil, and relatively low precipitation at Hanford site, it is concluded that waste transfer lines with one foot of soil covers sandy cushion material and insulation are not expected to undergo frost heave damaging effects.

Aerial Explorers. This paper presents recent results from a mission architecture study of planetary aerial explorers. In this study, several mission scenarios were developed in simulation and evaluated on success in meeting mission goals. This aerial explorer mission architecture study is unique in comparison with previous Mars airplane research activities. The study examines how aerial vehicles can find and gain access to otherwise inaccessible terrain features of interest.

To achieve this goal, a new mission paradigm is proposed: aerial explorers should be considered as an additional element in the overall Entry, Descent, Landing System EDLS process. Effect of oilseed type on milk fatty acid composition of individual cows, and also bulk tank milk fatty acid composition from commercial farms. Previous studies demonstrating this are largely detailed, highly controlled experiments involving small numbers of animals, but in order to transfer this feeding strategy to commercial situations further studies are required involving whole herds varying in management practices.

Compared with Control, all lipid supplemented diets decreased milk fat SFA concentration by an average of 3. Differing responses. In order to elaborate adequate and sustainable practices while better controlling harvest composition at farm scale, the detailed spatial assessment of terroir units is needed. Although such assessment is made in the present time, it reflects vine behaviour and soil quality according to cumulated past choices in vineyard management.

This study was conducted over a 6 ha- farm mainly planted with rainfed black Grenache and Syrah varieties in the Southern Rhone Valley. In a previous study carried out at regional scale, soil landscape and potential terroir units had been characterized. A new field survey carried out in January considered a total of 98 topsoil sampling sites in addition to 14 soil pits, the horizons of which were described and sampled. Physico-chemical analyses were made for all soil samples, and for those horizons having the highest root development, additional analytical parameters such as copper, active lime and mineral nutrients contents were determined.

Along with soil parameters, soil surface condition, vine biological parameters including vigour, presence of diseases, stock-unearthing were collected. Prevalence of individual and bulk tank milk antibodies of bovine herpesvirus type 1 and its relation to milk quality parameters on dairy farms in Catalonia north-east Spain. Bovine herpesvirus type 1 BoHV-1 is the causative agent for infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and infectious pustular vulvovaginitis in cows or balanoposthitis in bulls. In this study, individual and bulk tank milk BTM samples from 5 Catalan dairy farms with different control strategies against BoHV-1 were analysed during the course of a year for milk quality parameters and glycoprotein E gE antibodies.

Comparing the antibody results of samples with milk quality parameters, positive samples with higher levels of antibodies corresponded to lower lactose and to higher percentages of fat and somatic cells. Aerial Photography. John Hill, a pilot and commercial aerial photographer, needed an information base. NERAC provided information; Hill contacted the manufacturers of camera equipment and reduced his photographic costs significantly. Testing and recommended practices to improve nurse tank safety, phase I.

This research project studied causes and possible remediation inspection strategies to prevent failures for anhydrous ammonia NH3 nurse tanks. Nurse tanks are steel tanks used to transport NH3 locally over public roadways and farm fields. Many of t Tank C vapor sampling and analysis tank characterization report.

Tank C headspace gas and vapor samples were collected and analyzed to help determine the potential risks to tank farm workers due to fugitive emissions from the tank. Looking southwest along railroad Aerial view of ARAI buildings as they looked Aerial view of ARA-I buildings as they looked in Ineel photo no. Aerial view northnortheast, State Route 92 center left and Aerial view north-northeast, State Route 92 center left and State Route on right, duck pond, reservoir and farm complex buildings center bottom.

Aerial view northwest, State Route bottom left and Aerial view northwest, State Route bottom left and center, Winterthur Train Station center left, Winterthur Farms dairy barns upper center , duck pond and reservoir center, State Route 92 center right, and Brandywine Creek State Park bottom right. Aerial view southeast, State Route 92 bottom left, Adams Chandler Farm in center left, duck pond bottom right and reservoir bottom left.

This report documents a detailed buckling evaluation of the primary tanks in the Hanford double shell waste tanks. The analysis is part of a comprehensive structural review for the Double-Shell Tank Integrity Project. Occurrence of mycobacteria in bovine milk samples from both individual and collective bulk tanks at farms and informal markets in the southeast region of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Background Mycobacterium spp. The presence of these opportunistic, pathogenic bacteria in bovine milk has emerged as a public-health concern, especially among individuals who consume raw milk and related dairy products.

To address this concern, the Brazilian control and eradication program focusing on bovine tuberculosis, was established in However, bovine tuberculosis continues to afflict approximately 1,3 percent of the cattle in Brazil. Polymerase chain reaction PCR -based tests and restriction-enzyme pattern analysis were then performed on the colonies exhibiting phenotypes suggestive of Mycobacterium spp. Results Of the bovine milk samples that were processed, 24 were positively identified as Mycobacterium spp. Molecular identification detected 15 unique mycobacterial species: Mycobacterium bovis, M.

The isolation of bacteria from the various locations occurred in the following proportions: 9 percent of the individual bulk- tank samples, 7 percent of the collective bulk- tank samples and 8 percent of the informal-trade samples. No statistically significant difference was observed between the presence of Mycobacterium spp. Conclusion The microbiological cultures associated with PCR-based identification tests are. The WTP will separate the tank waste into high-level and low-activity waste LAW fractions, both of which will subsequently be vitrified.

December 31, Supplemental Treatment is likely to be required both to meet the TPA treatment requirements as well as to more cost effectively complete the tank waste treatment mission. The FBSR technology can process these wastes into a crystalline ceramic mineral waste form. The mineral waste form that is produced by co-processing waste with kaolin clay in an FBSR process has been shown to be comparable to LAW glass, i.

Aqueous radioactive wastes from Savannah River Site SRS separations and vitrification processes are contained in large underground carbon steel tanks. Inspections made during to evaluate these vessels and other waste handling facilities along with evaluations based on data from previous inspections are the subject of this report.

The inspection program revealed that the structural integrity and waste confinement capability of the Savannah River Site waste tanks were maintained. A total of photographs were made and visual and video inspections were performed during Twenty-Two new leaksites were identified in Two new leaksites were identified at Tank 19 during waste removal activities.

Previously documented leaksites were reactivated at Tanks 5 and 12 during waste removal activities. Also, a very small amount of additional leakage from a previously identified leaksite at Tank 14 was observed. Remote sensing for cotton farming. Application of remote sensing technologies in agriculture began with the use of aerial photography to identify cotton root rot in the late s.

From then on, agricultural remote sensing has developed gradually until the introduction of precision farming technologies in the late s and biotechno Think Tanks. A new inspection robot from Solex Robotics Systems was designed to eliminate hazardous inspections of petroleum and chemical storage tanks. The submersible robot, named Maverick, is used to inspect the bottoms of tanks , keeping the tanks operational during inspection.

Maverick is able to provide services that will make manual tank inspections obsolete. While the inspection is conducted, Maverick's remote human operators remain safe outside of the tank. The risk to human health and life is now virtually eliminated. The risk to the environment is also minimal because there is a reduced chance of spillage from emptying and cleaning the tanks , where previously, tons of pollutants were released through the process of draining and refilling.

Looking for an old aerial photograph. Attempts to photograph the surface of the Earth date from the 's, when photographers attached cameras to balloons, kites, and even pigeons. Today, aerial photographs and satellite images are commonplace. The rate of acquiring aerial photographs and satellite images has increased rapidly in recent years.

Views of the Earth obtained from aircraft or satellites have become valuable tools to Government resource planners and managers, land-use experts, environmentalists, engineers, scientists, and a wide variety of other users. Many people want historical aerial photographs for business or personal reasons. They may want to locate the boundaries of an old farm or a piece of family property. Or they may want a photograph as a record of changes in their neighborhood, or as a gift. Declassified photographs from early spy satellites were recently added to the ESIC offerings of historical images.

Using the Aerial Photography Summary Record System database, ESIC researchers can help customers find imagery in the collections of other Federal agencies and, in some cases, those of private companies that specialize in esoteric products. Aerial view northeast, State Route 92 bottom left and Aerial view northeast, State Route 92 bottom left and State Route center, Brandywine Creek State Park center right, duck pond and reservoir center bottom. Aerial view southwest, Adams Dam Road bottom left, State Aerial view southwest, Adams Dam Road bottom left, State Route center, back gates to Winterthur and Wilmington Country Club upper center, duck pond and reservoir bottom right and center, and State Route 92 center bottom.

Aerial view west, Adams Dam Road bottom center, State Applications of unmanned aerial vehicles in weed science. For most producers, unmanned aerial vehicles UAV are a novelty that has been little employed in their agricultural operations. An UAV will not fix every problem on the farm , but there are some practical applications for which UAVs have demonstrated value.

Three examples of how UAVs have been used A potential leaksite was discovered at Tank 4 during routine annual inspections performed in The new crack, which is above the allowable fill level, resulted in no release to the environment or tank annulus. Fourth floor, looking south at former milkstorage tank room, Dual Tank Fuel System. A dual tank fuel system has primary and secondary fuel tanks , with the primary tank including a filler pipe to receive fuel and a discharge line to deliver fuel to an engine, and with a balance pipe interconnecting the primary tank and the secondary tank.

The balance pipe opens close to the bottom of each tank to direct fuel from the primary tank to the secondary tank as the primary tank is filled, and to direct fuel from the secondary tank to the primary tank as fuel is discharged from the primary tank through the discharge line. A vent line has branches connected to each tank to direct fuel vapor from the tanks as the tanks are filled, and to admit air to the tanks as fuel is delivered to the engine.

Think Tank. Examines the options for upgrading, replacing, and removal or closure of underground storage tanks UST. Reveals the diverse regulatory control involving USTs, the Environmental Protection Agency's interest in pursuing violators, and stresses the need for administrators to be knowledgeable about state and local agency definitions of regulated….

Johnson Space Center in memory of the late President following his death. Credit WCT. Photographic copy of photograph, low level aerial view Photographic copy of photograph, low level aerial view of Test Stand "D," looking due south, after completion of Dd station installation in Note Test Stand "D" "neutralization pond" to immediate southeast of tower.

A steel barrier north of and parallel to the Dd station separates fuel run tanks on south side obscured from view from oxidizer run tanks on north side. The large tank to the north of the oxidizer run tanks near center bottom of view is an oxidizer storage tank for nitrogen tetroxide. Slender tanks to the northwest of the tower lower right of view contain high pressure nitrogen gas.

A large vertical tank at the base of the tower contains distilled water for flushing propellant lines. JPL negative no. This report presents the results of the integrity assessment of the AY double-shell tank farm facility located in the East Area of the Hanford Site.

The assessment included the design evaluation and integrity examinations of the tanks and concluded that the facility is adequately designed, is compatible with the waste, and is fit for use. Recommendations including subsequent examinations. Tank Insulation. An important part of the development task was fabrication of a tank to contain liquid hydrogen fuel for the stage's rocket engine. The liquid hydrogen had to be contained at the supercold temperature of degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

The tank had to be perfectly insulated to keep engine or solar heat from reaching the fuel; if the hydrogen were permitted to warm up, it would have boiled off, or converted to gaseous form, reducing the amount of fuel available to the engine. McDonnell Douglas' answer was a supereffective insulation called 3D, which consisted of a one-inch thickness of polyurethane foam reinforced in three dimensions with fiberglass threads. Over a year development and construction period, the company built 30 tanks and never experienced a failure.

Now, after years of additional development, an advanced version of 3D is finding application as part of a containment system for transporting Liquefied Natural Gas LNG by ship. Ten new leaksites at Tank 5 were identified in None of these new leaksites resulted in a release to the environment. The leaksites were documented during wall cleaning activities and the waste nodules associated with the leaksites were washed away. Previously documented leaksites were reactivated at Tank 12 during waste removal activities.

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Aerial Photography Summary Record System. Aerial photographs are an important tool in cartography and a number of other professions. Land use planners, real estate developers, lawyers, environmental specialists, and many other professionals rely on detailed and timely aerial photographs. Until , there was no systematic approach to locate an aerial photograph, or series of photographs, quickly and easily.

In that year, the U. Aerial view of administration area. Camera facing westerly. Change House TAN on near side of berm. Building, TAN Railroad tracks beyond lead from unseen turntable to the IET. Date: June 6, INEEL negative no. The Art of Aerial Warfare. Aerial Warfare. Outweigh Military Effects. Aerial Explorers and Robotic Ecosystems. A unique bio-inspired approach to autonomous aerial vehicle, a. The work is focused on defining and studying aerial explorer mission concepts, both as an individual robotic system and as a member of a small robotic "ecosystem.

Aerial Views of KSC. This aerial view, looking northwest, shows the newly opened Space Commerce Way that winds from S. R 3 on the right to its exit on S. Aerial view of turnpike alignment running from lower left Aerial view of turnpike alignment running from lower left diagonally up to right along row of trees. NY located at lower right of photograph.

NYF and G visible left of the clump of trees. View looking south. Farm Animals. The greatest risk is from Farm animals that are at risk View of Clovelley Farm tenant house, back side east View of Clovelley Farm tenant house, back side east area of two room addition. Note dark metal heating oil tank against rear wall and silver maple trees to shade house from south and east. Aerial photo shows Launch Complex 39 Area. This aerial photo captures many of the facilities involved in Space Shuttle launches.

The road restoration and high bay 2 are part of KSC's Safe Haven project, enabling the storage of orbiters during severe weather. The crawlerway also extends from the east side of the VAB out to the two launch pads, only one visible to the left of the VAB. In the distance is the Atlantic Ocean.

To the right of the far crawlerway is the turn basin, into which ships tow the barge for offloading new external tanks from Louisiana. The Safe Haven project will enable the storage of orbiters during severe weather. The crawlerway also extends from the east side of the VAB out to the two launch pads. Launch Pad 39A is visible to the left of the crawlerway. To the right of the VAB is the turn basin, into which ships tow the barge for offloading new external tanks from Louisiana.

The crawlerway also extends from the east side out to the two launch pads, one visible close to the road on the left and one to the left of the VAB. To the right of the crawlerway is the turn basin, into which ships tow the barge for offloading new external tanks from Louisiana. Aerial view of Launch Complex At right is the Processing Control Center. In the upper left corner is Launch Pad B; at the far right is the turn basin, with the Press Site located just below it to the right.

Wind tunnel and field evaluation of drift from aerial spray applications with multiple spray formulations. The impact of different spray tank modifiers into an active ingredient spray mixture on spray atomization and in-field behavior under aerial application conditions were examined. Wind tunnel tests demonstrated that active ingredient solutions potentially results in significantly different atomizati Low oblique aerial view Low oblique aerial view original in color of the two launch silos, covered. Harland Zhebelev, 6 pp, pp Simple and Intelligible, by K.

Cheromukhin, 5 pp, pp The Military-Theroretical Heritage of M. Tukhachevskiy, by Ya. Gorelik, 9 pp, pp No 7, , pp 1, 2. S, Shatilov, 6 pp. No IC, , pp 35, Miroshnikov, 8 pp. Machinskiy, 6 pp, pp 30, Devastating Effect of Nuclear Weapons, by Ya. Lyandres, 7 pp, pp 34, Skvortsov, 6 pp, pp 2, 3. Harmful Effects of Chemical Weapons, by M. Shutov, 6 pp, pp , Petrov, 10 pp. Yanitskiy, 11 pp. Call No AE55 B69 v.

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Acronyms and Abbreviations

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