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Math = The Practical and the Beautiful

What on earth do slippery ice and the slicing of bread have in common? We can even top that question and talk about a drill bit seizing up. All three problems can be solved with the same mathematical methods. Or for that matter, any other group sent out to collect snails and for whom these little creepers turn out to be a tad too fast. We need only to make one change to the location where a snail is typically found: It sits on a rubber band that is pulled by a racehorse. The beauty of mathematics is found everywhere, particularly in modern sports.

Your glasses are standing on round coasters. All of a sudden, someone takes two coasters away and holds them up. Then, for everyone to see, this person moves the two coasters on top of each other. Just a little bit at first, then more until they are exactly on top of each other, and the person thinks out loud:. This last chapter is dedicated to heartache.

Each and every one would like to give away their heart at least once in their lifetime. What creative ideas might a mathematically interested person have? You can download it to your laptop with easy steps.

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Ebooks and eBook readers provide substantial benefits more than traditional reading. At immediate start of a skid, there is no lateral force of friction.

Hence, any slight lateral force will push car to the side thus making the car slide. Problem The Beer Coaster Problem. Suppose there are two beer coasters, one on top of the other. At what point, in moving one across the other is the area of overlap exactly half the area of a single coaster? It's a straightforward problem, but the solution requires solving a transcendental equation. Herrmann gives you a fixed point procedure for the solution as well as Newton's procedure. It's a wonderful problem because it is so simple to state yet requires sophisticated tools to solve.

The problems are varied and their solutions require a variety of mathematics. Some problems and solutions require differential equations, as above, some use integral calculus, geometry, matrices, and other techniques.

The book covers a wide range of mathematics, albeit at a shallow depth. It's quite a short book, only pages with lots of diagrams, equations, and explanatory text.

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There are some errors, such as equation 7. This book offers interesting problems and thoughtful solutions.

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