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Third, Flood Description uses as mp3 with a migratory connection of ballets publicised ago in the Flood. For adjuvant treatment the equation is a little different. The patient has already had their primary treatment usually surgery and the chemotherapy is to reduce the rate of relapse. Many are already cured by the surgery, and some will relapse regardless; neither of these two groups actually benefit from the chemotherapy at all. However, for those where chemotherapy prevents the cancer from coming back it is literally a life or death difference.

It is very important that the patient understands this before agreeing to treatment, and that they understand what chemotherapy will involve. The difficult group are the ones who have a high chance of being cured by chemotherapy but not otherwise. This includes acute leukaemia, high-grade lymphoma and metastatic testicular cancer. Unfortunately any deviation from protocol, and particularly delays in treatment, seriously affects the outcome.

It is very sad and difficult watching these people die unnecessarily when they had their whole lives ahead of them. I can think of three such cases in the past few years. The other two died, of course. These cases tend to involve all sorts of people, including social services, mental health, care homes, psychiatric hospitals, independent patient advocates, ethics committees and the Courts. There is seldom a right answer to such ethical and moral problems, and often what you can achieve in practice is very different from what you think is right. They also take a disproportionate amount of time which could otherwise be spent on other patients.

Your ill-considered and stupid comments are quite frankly insulting to the many dedicated individuals working in cancer care who, so often, work well beyond their paid hours to provide the service that they feel their patients deserve. You prove nothing. So Gerson is an intensive treatment, while Chemo drags on and on. The point was either treatment requires the patient to follow the regimen. You somehow only want to apply the requirement to Gerson and not Oncology.

Welcome, and happy are the days in the last 25 years when we can find information at our fingertips. Case in point, which you here will no doubt refer to as an anecdote; My primary physician drew my blood because he said due to being over 50 years old, he would like to check my prostate for potential cancer regularly, I agreed. The blood was drawn and the PSA result from my blood was elevated. My primary physician referred my to a Urologist that suggested I have a prostate biopsy to find out more. Before scheduling, I decided to do some googling and find out more about the risks of the biopsy, and why I might need one.

After about forty-five minutes or so of reading, I discovered that the elevated PSA result could be from an ejaculation, an ejaculation within 48 hours of the blood draw can elevate the PSA result. So I contacted the urologist and explained to him what I had discovered. I told him that before doing anything further, I wanted to have my blood drawn and tested again.

He agreed….. Most of the patients the Gerson Therapy received were those that were told by their oncologist that there is nothing else they can do and go put your affairs in order. They have helped so many people, where medicine gave up. Many years have gone by without much improvement on the cancers that are killing so many people through Big Pharma treatments.

I think we can see that Chemo is not the long term answer, but it seems to have a short term answer, however, the cancer usually comes back stronger and will no longer work with chemo. The medical field does not really want the cure, because they would lose out out so much money in many angles. Big Pharma is greedy and your cost!!! Oh please do one, Julie. Show me a Gerson practitioner who generously gives their services for free.

The theories of physiology, metabolism and the pathogenesis of cancer upon which it is based are nonsense, there is no evidence that it works, the case histories are rather dubious see my previous post for a discussion of some of them , the treatment itself is dangerous and I have seen first-hand the misery, guilt and physical harm that it causes.

It is very unusual that there is nothing that we can do, even if the cancer itself has become resistant to conventional treatment, and it is very important that the patient knows that their oncology team will always continue to care for them. In any case, putting our affairs in order is something that everyone should do as you never know what is round the corner anybody who has lost a family member in an accident can attest to that.

Healing Cancer and Disease Basics

As far as I can see, the main reason why people seek Gerson Therapy is pressure from their relatives. The Gerson treatment gives people a false illusion of being back in control again, which they may feel is helpful at first, but when they find they are unable to stick to the demanding protocol, and they are told that this is the reason why their cancer is continuing to progress, it adds guilt to their misery.

Over the course of my career research has revolutionised our understanding of what is going on with cancer and has led to huge changes in the way that they are treated, as well as technical developments in computers which have changed the way radiotherapy is delivered almost beyond recognition. These changes in treatment have led to demonstrably improved outcomes. Though for many people it has been and still is the long-term answer. Most chemotherapy treatments are either given with the intent of curing the cancer testicular cancer, leukaemia, lymphoma etc.

However, it can be very effective in controlling the cancer, improving survival and quality of life. Therefore they need to be regulated. A government that prioritises industry over the welfare of its citizens is bad for everybody. They get a Big Kickback.

From Big Pharma. I never got anything of the sort. I prescribed chemo when the evidence suggested that it was the appropriate thing to do. What lawsuits? The side-effects are well-known and explained to patients so that they can give informed consent. Yes, they do. On the other hand when you are faced with a definite cancer now vs. I have always believed that I should treat my patients the same way that I would want to be treated myself, or my family for that matter.

So yes, I have recommended chemotherapy for my father, my brother-in-law and my wife, and they have all done very well with it. Happily I am now on a new targeted therapy which is keeping my cancer under control. I should add that all oncologists are very much concerned with the side-effects of treatment and spend a great deal of time and energy monitoring for unusually severe and dangerous effects, and doing all they can to keep them at a minimum. I am constantly astounded at the strange things people believe, and their complete ignorance of what oncologists and doctors in general do all day.

While I was waiting to pick up a prescription just now I saw a product in the pharmacy which was some kind of detoxifying foot patch based on lavender, though containing many other things, including minerals such as tourmeline. The instructions on the back included a diagram of the soles of the feet marked up with reflexology homunculi and acupuncture points, and recomended various places to apply the patch for optimal sleep, thereby combining reflexology, acupuncture and aromatherapy.

I asked the pharmacist about it and she said the patches were very popular and people swore by them. Really, many people seem to live in a different world full of magic and witchcraft, and they genuinely seem to believe in it. I wonder how much money gets spent on ineffectual tripe which people imagine will improve their lives? AltMed, lucky charms, religious gewgaws, horoscopes.. This article is exactly what I thought, that this dr is big pharma backed and it is senseless to waste his time to undermining a safe path of living for health conscious people and then trying to say its dangerous on top of it.

Unless he is getting paid to do it, which is a big industry on the internet now. Why else would a sane person oppose it? Minus the coffee enemas, which hippocrates, the founder of medicine advocated years ago its the way people ate and drank until a a hundred years ago before the factory processed foods with chemicals, preservatives, aadditives, and then genetically modified plants began.

Then factory farming wasted and depleted the soil of its 60 minerals which prevent disease to just 3, and are only mandated to add back the 3 of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. My urologist responded when asked about the dangers of eating organic foods, doing coffee enemas, drinking pure water and taking natural plant based supplements for vitamins that she saw zero risk in it. Simple as this, let those who are smart do their own research and see for themselves.

If she had listened to this guy, she would now have a colostomy bag. I will also cancel this subscription for the same reason, as this is just a big pharma shill. How much is the fee? Could you supply the reference to where Hippocrates advocated coffee enemas? As far as I am aware coffee was not known in ancient Greece, and indeed anywhere as a drink until about 1, years after Hippocrates. I would imagine that they would work as it would be an effective way of getting a large amount of caffeine into the body at once. Nowadays we use IV aminophylline, which is a similar drug. Endangering the lives of others is an unconscionable act.

In claiming his therapy worked, Max Gerson either invented the cases or cherry-picked them over many years from patients who experienced spontaneous remissions. For that matter, there has never been a plausible scientific explanation for why it would work in the first place. Just a lot of hot air. Instead of building a wall, Trump would better to impose heavy trade sanctions on Mexico until they shut down and ban the bogus cancer clinics in Tijuana and anywhere else in the country.

Just curious if you have looked at the numbers of people who have died from cancer from both forms of treatment? I have….. People should be shocked at the huge numbers of failure from the pseudo science of chemo. Honestly reading the posts from most of you claiming to be doctors or in the field of medicine disgust me.


You bash anything that you are told is not accepted, spread disinformation and KILL people with your poison every day. I am sorry to speak like this but I am so tired of the B. You are scientists, where is your scientific method proving your claim? Tell me this, why was Dr.

Max Gerson funded for his method by the U. Why was he a hero when he discovered this and then systematically torn down and had to leave the country? Could it be????? I like many of you asking questions in here are reading because of cancer. At first I listened intently to what the doctors were telling us. But as things progressed and getting worse I looked elsewhere.

I found the the information on the Gerson method and seeing how the chemo was not working, begged my wife to try it. She asked the doctors and of course was given the same B. When it was obvious that nothing tried was working I proposed to the doctors a way to use their treatments that might have a chance of prolonging her time here and allow us more time to fight it. They agreed that my idea could work……. You all can take your crap that has a list of harmful effects so long that they have to give you a book on it.

The lies and pussy behavior of you slaves sickens me. Grow up!! Keep calm, and look at it this way: American doctors live 73 years on average whereas the average American lives 78 years. Men Well done to you for trying the Gerson Method and I totally agree with what you are saying about the pharmaceutical industry.

My sister died of leukaemia which she contracted from the chemo she received for breast cancer 5 years prior. The chemo attacked her bone marrow and caused the leukaemia. I wish we had known about the Gerson method as we would have followed their method. Sooner or later, Candida was bound to raise its ugly head on this blog. Candida is the name of a genus of fungi with several hundreds of species. About seven of these cause infections in humans, other species are exceptionally rare causes. Genital thrush is the commonest form of Candida infection, and the immune dysfunction that predisposes to episodes of genital thrush is still uncertain, despite considerable research efforts, but for other forms of candidiasis the nature of the immune deficit is clear.

Defects in the immune system permit Candida yeasts to become pathogenic. Exactly the same thing happens with other members of the gut flora, e. The notion of sampling a patient for the presence of a Candida sp. I remember it well. Talk about recycled horse pucks! And then along comes the fellow McAlpine, wearing his own suicide vest disguised as an argument, but managing to blow himself up before reaching any targets. As I pointed out before, the Cancer Tutor site mentioned in the clueless post above is worth checking, if only to confirm the type of people on the other side of the argument.

All the usual stuff is available- anger, lies,verbal abuse. What more do you need? He disappeared also. Not very scientific, or wholesome family reading, but I merely report. As long as McAlpine, Colin, Iqbal etc are working feverishly away removing the sandy foundations from their own beliefs, we can be sure that homeopathy is in unsafe hands. I love the replies! Some are so personal! Sadly, though, many people here seem to be so full of anger and aggression, which is a recipe alone for getting cancer.

Or will I be a hypocrite and try natural treatments instead as they have far better success rates and I may well be cured? So, breathe deeply and slowly in and out, and let the aggression flow out! Demonstrably false, Peter. A swift Google search on cancer survival rates will let you now how successful medicine has been in treating a large number of cancers. It will also show that, with a few exceptions, that cure rate has increased with time.

Contrast that with all the people cured by natural methods. Google Jess Ainscough for starters. Both died. As you know, she appeared in public until very late in the day,saying that her awful appearance by then was simply part of the process of getting more and more ill before getting better. I feel sorry for the girl, but her delusional beliefs quite possibly caused deaths among those who took them up themselves.

Peter, you are trying to get people to delay treatments that have real proven clinical value in properly conducted clinical studies for treatments that do not have such evidence. Frankly, I have to assume that you honestly believe this nonsense, else you would be knowingly promoting suicide. The problem with your view, and the dearth of scientific evidence supporting it, is that promoting this takes advantage of scared people. That is, to use a word appropriate to the context, malign.

Gerson therapy | Complementary and alternative therapy | Cancer Research UK

Since you have asked, yes, I create for hotels a very different kind of hospitality, i. It is amazing what can be achieved when you allow loving energy to flow through yourself and from yourself. Together with meditations it is indeed one of the regime of natural ways for treating cancer. Moreover, several universities in India have researched its effect on crop growth and shown that you can increase crop growth far above chemicals by sending loving energy to the plants.

Anyone with a very basic fantasy bullshit detector will find this one drives their instrument off scale. Who could have guessed early on that he was quite this s crackers? Once again, I apologise for my anger and aggression. I know it well. If you have actual studies and statistics to back this up please share them. They list both good and bad outcomes and have study after study and explain in detail the patient groups, controls, etc. The so called proof is usually all on the same website making the lofty claims. Eating healthy will make you thinner and exercise will make you more fit — there are plenty of scientific statistics to back this up — so show me the proof that this stuff cures cancer.

That is a real conversation — a real debate. When you defend zealously without a single scrap of proof it comes off as cultish not scientific. I would also like to know how much money you make doing this. Peter McAlpine is back! With more rubbish and outright lies! Welcome back, Peter. How did that work out for Steve Jobs? Someone with all the resources in the world able to have any therapy. One of his biggest regrets was to not seek allopathic medicine sooner and succumbing to or in my opinion becoming the victim of charlatanism and the metaphysical world that is cam.

People have healed themselves by finding a new, healthier on every level life course as part of their regimen. We are not simply bodies, operating mechanically. We need nourishment on many levels. That the mind affects the body is well known; there is a whole area of science known as psychoneuroimmunobiology. I sincerely hope you never have to test this notion yourself. Interesting by the way to see that altmed has its own diseases that go in and out of fashion. You read that correctly. One billion dollars.

There are animal trials, human trials, the expense to get it through the FDA, etc. I have a friend, Kerry Salmon, who died of breast cancer two years ago, after fighting it for 8 years. The total cost? Over 1. But does Mayo Clinic report this as a loss? No, of course not. She lived past her expected date, and they got rich in the process. Did they tell her what to eat to strengthen her body? Did they tell her what caused her cancer? Perhaps estrogen dominance from the fact that she was constipated all the time and she should take enemas. But those patients have to pay for the testing themselves.

Interestingly, curing the Lyme is making their cancer go away. And that will never happen with natural medicine as long as there is no money in it. In addition, just like univeristy professors, they know that if they actually find something legitimate in those methods, they will never be able to tell anyone. Touting natural medicines rather than pharmaceuticals would cause them to lose their relationships with current insurance companies, lose their jobs, lose their medical licenses, etc.

In order to practice medicine in our society, you have to practice it the way the AMA wants you to. So, until there a different economic system where pharmaceutical companies and hospitals actually get paid for wellness rather than disease, you are not going to see any changes in the types of studies that are done, or any mainstream proponents of natural medicine.

It is very, very easy to alter methods and skew data results. In order to practice medicine in our society, you have to practice it using only treatments that work. JAMA ; Uneducable Iqbal keeps clipping and pasting. If only he knew a little about modern medicine he might be helped to understand that the selectively picked morsels he keeps pasting are not evidence but debate. Much of it is correctly critical to medicine but as most of us understand, the shortcomings of medicine do not corroborate substituting health care with fake medicine such as his beloved homeopathy.

Issues raised about Missing evidence or cooked evidence qualifies as debate after years of show casing it as scientific evidence behind medicine? This is the truth about scientific medicine and the reason behind increasing deaths and maiming of hapless patients across the world. We identified 77 trials 28, patients assessing 47 treatments with 54 comparisons and 29 systematic reviews 13 published after I am not sure you managed to understand the article you quote here.

I repeat, we do not care about money here, only evidence. Modern medicine has lots of problems that need addressing. One of these problems is the intrusion of fake claims and practices such as homeopathy and Gerson therapy. Although not exclusively, this is the main aspect tackled in this blog. Oh, I almost forgot, you are right! Bjorn, Are you expecting a written statement from big pharma confessing all their lies and corruption? I am not a doctor neither a survivor, but I am an attorney and I have seeing how corporations lie.

You would have to travel and conduct your own investigation studying also and letting your believes on the side being objective. Then you will be able to come to a conclusion based on what your research takes you. Otherwise you are just a sheep following second hand information. Then you will have the authority to discredit other alternatives. See my response to your similar comment here. Your comment contains so much muddled thinking, it indicates you have a poor grasp on reality. Oh really? Because everyone here is providing such concrete examples of their statements.

He and his team have shown, again and again, and in many different ways, that much of what biomedical researchers conclude in published studies—conclusions that doctors keep in mind when they prescribe antibiotics or blood-pressure medication, or when they advise us to consume more fiber or less meat, or when they recommend surgery for heart disease or back pain—is misleading, exaggerated, and often flat-out wrong.

He charges that as much as 90 percent of the published medical information that doctors rely on is flawed. Miscellaneous or unknown reasons accounted for the remaining 12 percent. The research purported to establish that for patients with peripheral artery disease PAD , intermittent claudication a condition in which exercise induces cramping pain in the leg treatment with a particular drug resulted in significant improvements. Honestly, I could do this all day. And note that these are from Harvard med and the top medical journals that publish Dr. Here is an article showing some evidence in favor of Gerson therapy.

But it is a hopeful beginning. Surviving against all odds: analysis of 6 case studies of patients with cancer who followed the Gerson therapy. Molassiotis A1, Peat P. More questions?

I already cited the limitations of the study and simply noted it as a beginning. But really, no response to Harvard med or my other amazing sources? I am aghast. SO AM I! I even have one publication with Ioannidis. Your first link explains how John Ioannidis tackled the reported links between individual dietary factors — particularly vitamins — and diseases.

And surely anyone with half a brain already knows to take studies linking specific nutritional factors as causes or cures for disease with a heavy pinch of salt. Google is not the place to find original sources. You seem not to know about PubMed, Web of Science or Medline, to name just three professional science databases. That cost includes all drug discovery, development, dead ends, overheads, etc, etc, etc, as well as the cost of testing. When can we expect to see Gerson therapy being rigorously tested? Michael Kenny. Awesome job using the red herring diverting the topic to religion and ad hominem attacking the character attributes of the poster fallacies.

Gerson Therapy Green Juice Recipe

I really have no idea where you get any of the ideas you threw at me. Why could I not be someone just like you? Someone who is simply tired of watching everyone go to the doctor and get more drugs that make them sicker rather than well? Looking back at your post, I believe the tactic religious apologists use is to tell people that atheism is just as pervasive of a world-view as a religion is — whether they want to believe it or not.

If you believe in religion, all information you take in is colored by that perspective: god has a plan, everything happens for a reason, god inspired you to do something, you are going somewhere after death, etc. If you have a pervasive worldview, you are not open to evidence of the contrary. Your mind will simply push it away as inconsistent with your worldview. In that way, atheism is just as dogmatic as religion is. Then we could actually have a conversation on this matter. You are so right!

It is well-established that breaching tissue planes can open up a route of spread for certain kinds of cancer particularly sarcomas , and it is very important that surgery is planned to take that into account. I have also seen tumours metastasising to surgical and other scars, although this is a lot less common, and I would imagine that the healing process releases growth factors which also promote tumour growth.

On the other hand, for localised tumours surgery usually achieves a long-term cure, and there are often no effective alternatives. You might as well say that ambulances are sometimes involved in road traffic accidents and should therefore be banned. It is world known that corporations lie for profit. Illnesses make profits, so why would they be interested in curing? Easy SO now you keep believing in big pharma. What corporations do you have in mind? The Gerson Therapy has cured my Lupus.

I followed the therapy at home. To nourish your body with simple organic food. If I was to enter the hospital I would have been given drugs which cause more drugs to be given and so on and so on. Are you saying then that it is not true that an alkalized body can not host cancer? Vegetables, apple cider vinegar, lemon, what about pure cranberries?

Why is this so impossible for most here to understand. You seem like a group of lemmings that works in the health industry, terrified to lose your jobs. Big Pharma and the powers in the government in the U. Talk about Tumeric — or the more targeted component — Curcumin, the inflammation decreasing properties are amazing — but YOU people would prefer to take a Tylenol. What does Tylenol do? Big Pharma-Big Money — you have been brainwashed.

I suggest you learn about the mechanisms by which our bodies regulate the pH to remain constant. There are a lot of reasons why Gerson Therapy might have worked for you, alkalinity aside. The high-quality and high-quantity diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, the supplements, the detoxing effects of removing junk food and meats, as well as toxins from your environment and health and beauty regimens, etc. Here is an article which explains why having a lot of alkaline foods can help you fight cancer, while not changing the pH of your blood.

These plant-based foods — including citrus fruits and tomatoes — protect cells from damage, encourage normal cell growth, and other processes which help fight cancer and other chronic illnesses. I would also suggest consulting a good psychiatrist… Living with persecution complex is hard. Shame on you for discrediting a major issue in our country, I surely hope you can sleep at night knowing you are NOT helping being a DR.

Nutrition and detoxing the body is KEY and you know this to be true. May GOD bless and enlighten you and your colleagues!!! Always curious about the mentality that needs to invoke God whichever of the they happen to favor at the time to try to win an argument based in logic? Are you a well known daft about town? I think your God has killed enough of us with cancer that REAL scientists ought to be allowed to try to fight back.

Really, Michael Kenny? Because you performed the same type of red herring above invoking religious apologists. If you are going to invoke atheism I have no idea why you would object to someone invoking whatever god they believe in. Seems a little excessive to me, but he might be compensating for other deficiencies, like common sense or morality. Having recently discovered this site, I looked up Gerson therapy as I was curious from my own experiences. I remember four patients altogether. Three of them were dead within three weeks of starting treatment.

I do remember that they all found the treatment very difficult and unpleasant not to mention expensive and none were able to manage the full five coffee enemas a day. Apart from trying to get my head round the idea that cancer could be cured by changing the pH and electrolyte concentrations in the body or that the therapy could even achieve this in the presence of functioning kidneys I did wonder what the true physiological effects were. Of course it is an effective way of getting a lot of caffeine into the body very quickly. Nowadays we have the caffeine analogue aminophylline, which can be given intravenously and is much safer, as well as many other effective treatments for asthma though I will not pretend that modern medicine has all the answers, and the memory of a young man dying of asthma in front of me when I was a medical SHO has been with me all my life.

Then you need to do your homework. Gerson does not have ONE confirmed case of success. Just because they say so, does not make it true. No one said it was hon. Not even the doctors. Chemo gives time to patients. No one ever stated chemo saved lives. You came up with that all on your own. The only chance someone has for NED, is catching it early. Gerson filmed a documentary following six cancer patients doing the therapy.

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They all died. A gentleman on Youtube did the digging and found out this information. Oncologists would have their brochures in their offices. If Gerson were the answer, the public would dive on that with a passion so fierce, it would be mind boggling. Fact: You cannot consume enough nutrition to cure yourself from disease. It is not physically possible. No one should be satisfied with the information tossed around out there unless it has been confirmed without question.

That Chris guy who promotes Gerson? No one has confirmed he even had cancer. Also, no one ever said people die from Gerson therapy. What they WILL die from however, is their cancer. Be really careful Brian. Question everything. Demand proof. Were Gerson the cure the world was looking for, it would be shouted from the rooftops and spoken about on the news channels. It would win the Nobel prize. No one should ever believe anything they read on the internet and take it as the truth.

What would convince me? Firstly, I would have heard about it before a couple of days ago. Secondly, oncologists from multiple universities and hospitals viewing successful cases studies would be available to the public and all cancer patients. Multiple cases studies. Saying doctors and pharmaceutical companies are keeping Gerson from the public, because of money is an irresponsible thing to say or claim. I have been reading and reading what I perceive as a fair amount of negative and degenerative dialog following this posted article, but wanted to complement you on what I consider a very selfless and civil sharing thus far.

I actually enjoyed your comments and arguments even if I do not fully agree, not based on scientific study or facts, but acknowledged personal logic, belief, and hope. Before I open myself to getting slammed, I think I understand at the heart of all this debate is whether there is strong clinical research, peer-reviewed studies, etc. Caldwell Esselstyn, have a positive impact on cardio health and other human ailments. I read his book as well as the China Study and even though it is my understanding that T.


Gerson Therapy Recipes

Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Fed Up With Illness? Heart Disease. For years, the medical establishment has called these chronic or life-threatening diseases "incurable. Now, in this authoritative new book, alternative medicine therapist Charlotte Gerson and medical journalist Morton Walker reveal the powerful healing effects of organic fruits and vegetables.

Not only can juicing reverse the effects of many degenerative illnesses--it can save lives. This unique resource will help and inspire everyone who has ever said, "I want to get well. Just show me how. Under her father's tutelage, Charlotte learned about the remarkable nutritional therapy that has saved the health of thousands, including Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr.