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Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and IMS Solution

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How it works: Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

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Even though revenue from voice calls and SMS is falling, a format for voice over LTE and messaging, it was as necessary to have a viable and standardized scheme to provide the voice and SMS services to protect this revenue. When looking at the options for ways of carrying voice over the LTE system, a number of possible solutions were investigated.

A number of alliances were set up to promote different ways of providing the service. A number of systems were proposed as outlined below:. They had seen it as far too expensive and burdensome to introduce and maintain. To achieve a workable system, a cut down variant of IMS was used. It was felt that his would be acceptable to operators while still providing the functionality required. Adopting this approach, it enables the system to be integrated with the suite of applications that will become available on LTE.

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It enables a variety of services to be run seamlessly rather than having several disparate applications operating concurrently. In order that IMS was implemented in fashion that would be acceptable to operators, a cut down version was defined. This not only reduced the number of entities required in the IMS network, but it also simplified the interconnectivity — focussing on the elements required for VoLTE.

Dependent upon the network in use and overall location within a network, the P-CSCF will vary, and a key element in the enablement of voice calling capability is the discovery of the P-CSCF. An additional requirement for VoLTE enabled networks is to have a means to handing back to circuit switched legacy networks in a seamless manner, while only having one transmitting radio in the handset to preserve battery life.