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Covers to the present, providing special attention to social, economic, cultural and political topics applicable to the time. Articles on countries, regions, and ethnic groups; themes involving social history, demography, family life, politics, economics, religion, thought, education, science and technology, and culture; events such as major wars; and extensive coverage of the United States.

Provides information about and interpretation of major developments across particular regions both salient events and regional perspectives on common themes such as politics, demography, social class, and gender. Dictionnaire de la Colonisation Francaise. Main JV D53 E63 v. D Over signed entries about seafaring adventurers and shipowners , about a page long each.

Also has topical entries and entries for names of places all over the world associated with piracy, several black and white maps, a glossary of terms, and a chronology of world piracy from to Emphasis, however, is preth century. Entries authored by professors, teachers, doctoral students, cartographers, geographers, archivists, independent scholars. J6 A fourth column gives quotations, facts, lists, etc. Prehistoric times through 18 th century treated in 80 pages.

Dictionnaire des Intellectuels Francais. J85 Les personnes. Les lieux. Les moments. Page long entries. Bibliographic references. V Dictionary of philosophical terms in the European Continental tradition that resist or confound translation, as well as themes relating to the act of translating itself. Entries for terms range in length from a paragraph to several pages.

More than just simple definitions; the terms are meditations on etymology that locate them in the contexts of ancient and modern languages. Articles in the English language. Dictionnaire de la France Medievale. F38 Similar to the work just above, only with shorter articles and in the French language. Mix of biographical and topical articles. No bibliographic references. R64 Contains a page history of France followed by the historical dictionary of entries on topics, names, places, and events. Concludes with a chronology Appendices of black and white maps and rulers of France since M66 Several volumes within the ongoing publication of the Voltaire Foundation's Oeuvres Complete de Voltaire.

These present an eclectic balance of Voltaire's thought in all its variety about everything!


Entries for people, places, topics of the era of Louis XIV, with further reading references. Entries vary in length from a paragraph to a couple of pages. W Covers the "siecle de Louis XIV," 17th and early 18th centuries. Biographical and topical articles, from a paragraph in length to a few pages. Some illustrations. No further reading references. In French. Companion to the French Revolution. Blackwell-Wiley online reference materials. Examines the origins, development and impact of the French Revolution. Features original contributions from leading historians, including six essays translated from French.

Presents a wide ranging overview of current historical debates on the revolution and future directions in scholarship Gives equally thorough treatment to both causes and outcomes of the French Revolution. Contains a chronology of events, , topical, biographical, and event entries, and a bibliography. The bibliography contains references to documentary collections, general histories, biographies and memoirs, each period of the Revolution, works on religion and the church, cultural histories, social and economic histories, military histories, provincial histories, and works on women and gender, international reactions to the Revolution, Paris, and historiography.

Historical Dictionary of the French Revolution, H57 v. Over articles on persons, events, constitutional developments. Short bibliographies with each entry. In English. Short bibliographies. Good illustrations in color. D53 t. Arrangement by area or region. With each by departement. Then alphabetically by name of periodical.

Historical Dictionary of Napoleonic France, H More comprehensive than the work just above; in French. Mix of topical and biographical articles. Bibliographical references. A thematic index at back shows the article titles on various topics, such as all the articles pertinent to finance publiques, for example. Main HQ Also has some topical articles. Signed entries. Biographical entries are pages. Some topical articles are longer.

F55 D Many long articles on 18th and 19th c. Some topical articles. Signed entries with bibliographies.

An Encyclopedia of Global Warfare and Civilization

Nations and Nationalism: a Global Historical Overview. Covers all aspects of nationalism, in all parts of the world, from the time of the French Revolution to the present day. P v. Presents prominent themes, epochal events, theoretical explanations, and historical accounts of imperialism from the beginnings of modernity and the capitalist world system in the 16th c.

Especially emphasizes 20th c. This work examines how imperialism has impacted societies in the Third World and how it shaped social relations and popular perceptions in the First-World countries of Europe, North America, and Japan. Not a straight forward A-Z dictionary arrangement. Many articles have lengthy further reading references.

The contributors are academics from around the world. H5 v. Over articles cover the period from the end of the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte to the beginning of the reign of Louis Napoleon, on movements, cultural life, influences, and political figures.

Franco-Dutch War

Historical Dictionary of the French Second Empire, H57 Over articles on the period, on people, institutions, political events, places, concepts and ideas, aspects of culture, society, the economy. Further readings. Topical and biographical articles. Modeled after the Dictionnaire Napoleon, above, in scope and coverage. Historical Dictionary of the Third French Republic, Over entries largely written by American scholars, covers all aspects of French civilization during this period, cultural, political, social, economic, and political.

France de la Belle Epoque. Covers Smattering of topics. Several essays to start on currently important topics re Jews in France. Chronology from to the first decade of the 21st century. Dictionary entries for persons, topics, events; some are short, some are several pages. Bibliography at end.

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Several articles to start on the Holocaust. A chronological section from to after Dictionary entries for persons, topics, events, some longer than others. Brief bibliography at end. Entries have bibliographic references at the end and are signed. Dictionnaire du Francais sous l'Occupation PC K37 Note call number in PC; this is language dictionary, not a history dictionary per se. Defines French words pertaianing to the resistance movement, collaboration with the Germans, and daily life in France and Belgium between and Dictionnaire de la France sous l'Occupation. A H58 One of several such dictionaries.

Entries for people, events, places, military concepts and terms, institutions, battles, cultural phenomena of the time. C Signed entries, by specialists, with further reading references. Very brief, not very useful chronology at the beginning. In the front there is a list of the articles in each section. To write on a movement, for example, one would benefit from reading about it in this work: annales school, feminism, surrealism, etc.

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Good place for idea generation. C27 Tends to concentrate on institutions, public figures, and events. Goal is to provide a ready reference for the vocabulary of culture. Contains entries on persons, places, terms, art forms, and organizations associated with creative expression in the humanities, those forms of creativity that seek to describe and interpret the human condition. Deals with the rich world of art, music, literature, drama, radio, television performance, movies, and dance.

No entries for individual works. Covers both high and low art. Persons, ideas, and events outside the arenas of creative expression that stimulated artistic responses have special significance in culture and are included. Certain specific social and historical forces and the creative responses they prompted are also described. Each provides historical background, analyzes trends and relevant studies, and offers suggestions for further research.

List of museums. Index by topic and cited author. Main PQ E Z v. Quotes from Celine. Entries for streets, passages, parcs, woods, quartiers, more. Indexing by themes topics and by personal names cited.

Dictionnaire de l'Immigration en France. L The theme of migration and migration is at the crossroads and in the heart of the social sciences. This dictionary combines, as far as possible, a plurality of scientific perspectives: historical, legal, economic, demographic, sociological and anthropological. Text in French. Entries are not individually signed but the authors' credentials are given at the beginning of the book, along with the names of the entries they wrote. Most are French academics. Articles are alphabetical, lengthy, with sub-parts.

There is a list of all the topics at the back. Covers such topics as colonisation and immigration, affirmative action, antisemitism, the banlieues, clandestine migration, retention centers, citizenship and political participation, discrimination, church and immigration, ethnicity, families and women in immigration, lodging, national identity, media, minorities, police, the press, refugees, romanies, health, tolerance, ethnic statistics, transnationalism, etc.

D56 articles by specialists. Articles are on topics, such as justice sociale, islamophobie, ethnocentrisme, imperialisme, stereotypes, neo-racisme. Also biographical entries, entries on countries, on names of organizations. Lengthy articles, with bibliographies, signed by scholarly authors.

Nearly pages of articles by various scholars on postcolonial French society, what discrimination is, minorities in French media,etc. History of this topic from the 15th century forward, about 40 pages, followed by dictionary entries for persons, topics, organizations, etc.


Louis XIV of France - Wikipedia

Long entries for some topics. Some short chapters about problems of French suburbs, short chapters on various eras from to the present, dictionary entriess for persons, topics, places. Lengthy articles. J68 Very brief entries for topics, people, and many military terms. Very short bibliography of other dictionaries drawn upon. Global in scope. Covers both historical and contemporary periods. Dictionnaire Historique et Juridique de l'Europe. Main JN Biographical, place name, and topical entries, most about a page in length. Some attention to thought, literature, culture, authors.

Covers to today. Emphasizes world and regional conflicts, the Cold War, evolution of European treaties and accords during the period. Topical and biographical entries. Some entries have further reading references. Chapters by country discuss immigration history, statistics, and migration policies specific to the nation. Historical context, information on the current situation, and discussion of media coverage related to immigration issues. Previous ed. D49 Arranged by continent. With continent there are articles of several pages on each country, with sub-sections on both immigration and emigration for each.

Covers the past as well as the present situations. A52 Arranged alphabetically by surnames. Entries are signed and are about a page in length. Further reading references are provided. Chronological period covered is Entries are about a page long and have further reading references in many cases. L35 pt. A bilingual dictionary of terms, organization names, and acronyms, 17, words and phrases. French to English in v.

These longer entries include suggested readings, but the majority of the entries lack any bibliographic references whatsoever, even though readers require the most assistance in finding additional sources on these types of terms specifc battles, minor individuals, technical terms.

Other terms appear but are not defined as entries and consist only of cross-references, even though they merit their own discussion e. Specialists are expected to quibble over the inclusion or exclusion of particular entries; this specialist in siege warfare will oblige by noting in passing how many of the terms of siegecraft are rarely encountered in other sources — ideally the criteria for selecting terms would be based on the likelihood of their being encountered by readers. Overall, the encyclopedia adequately covers the content its title promises, within the parameters set by the Preface.

Its features make it most useful for those in the beginning stages of research at the undergraduate level or for someone who wants to casually look up a particular term; the broad country and army entries are the most useful in briefly recapitulating current scholarly views, even as the author warns against excessive specialization p.

The fact that it was authored by a single non-specialist who relied on the uneven secondary literature limited primarily to English-language works, if the Bibliography is any indication without providing a guide to further research for most entries seriously limits its utility beyond that. Moreover, it is not clear that much of its content surpasses what is more readily and freely available online, and this is the most important criterion for reference works in our increasingly digital age.

Various dictionaries, encyclopedias, academic history websites, and full texts of academic books give free, rapid access to students and scholars alike, so that any published reference must justify its greater cost by adding enough value to overcome its disadvantages, usually in terms [End Page ] of authorial expertise or value-added content. To this point, many of the entries in the much-maligned Wikipedia are comparable to Nolan's entries, with additional benefits in the case of entries dealing with individuals, specific events, and technical terms.

An Encyclopedia of Global Warfare and Civilization

Comparing several such terms at random abatis, the Dutch gift, limber, quoin with their Wikipedia equivalents illustrates that the Wikipedia entries provide at least as much information as Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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